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The Next Free Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Is Right Around The Corner

Alright, all you Animal Crossing fans. Who's ready to dust off their nets and fishing poles and possibly get into more debt?

It's a new year, which means it's time for Animal Crossing: New Horizons to enter 2021 with a bang. And from the looks of it, that's exactly what's in store for fans.


Set to hit your Switch on January 28, ACNH is getting its first free update of the year. An event called "Festivale" is scheduled for February 15, teasing pastel-colored decorations, a festive dancing peacock named Pavé, collectible feathers, and dance moves. That's right! Pavé will teach you some fancy moves in exchange for those drifting feathers so you can impress your villager friends on the dance floor. On a rare occasion, you may encounter a rainbow feather, which you are encouraged to nab with your net. What will you get in exchange? You'll have to wait to find out!

While these are all the details showcased in the update trailer, more info can be found on the Animal Crossing website. The update page promises new threads for the Festivale event starting February 1, new reactions for appropriate responses to the festivities, and of course, limited-time items. These products, which will be supplied courtesy of Nook's Cranny, are all Valentine's Day goods and sold through February 14.


Fans can also look forward to special events celebrating Groundhog Day (not the exceptional Bill Murray movie) and the Super Bowl (which is branded as the "Big Game Celebration").

If that's not enough, another update is planned for March. In the video, a mushroom and star are shown, suggesting this is tied to Super Mario's 35th anniversary. This comes as no surprise, though, as it was announced that Mario furniture would arrive around that time. For those who have been dreading March 31, this is one promising bright spot.

No further details have been revealed, so who knows what may be in store for March. While Animal Crossing enthusiasts may only see Mario-themed furniture, is it possible Nintendo could surprise everyone with even more Mario goodness? Maybe the Able Sisters will get Mario, Luigi, and Peach outfits, or perhaps Nook's Cranny will sell coin blocks. Maybe players will collect coins or see a Mario-themed event.

Whatever may be coming in March, there's plenty of fun to unpack from the next update. Fortunately, this one is just about to hit your Switch, so tidy up your islands and prepare for the festivities, because this is sure to be a fun event you can enjoy with your friends and family!