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Fans Declare Their Undying Love For Animal Crossing's New Puppies

The Animal Crossing series is renowned for many qualities, including its endearing nature. Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to add to this legacy via its winter update, which brings adorable puppies to the successful Nintendo Switch exclusive.


As documented by Polygon writer Patricia Hernandez, Animal Crossing: New Horizons added some cute toy puppies to the game in addition to numerous other items. When players interact with the dogs, they can move and bark. Further, there are a variety of breeds available in toy form, including Dalmatians and Golden Retrievers.

Many players on social media also proclaimed their love for the new additions. For instance, one Twitter user made a video showing their villager next to a group of toy pups as they barked and wagged their tails. Another Animal Crossing: New Horizons player tweeted a video of three toy puppies barking in a park.

There were numerous other positive reactions on social media, with many similarly posting well-choreographed gameplay clips and adorable pictures showcasing the update's appeal. It is worth noting the bizarreness of being able to own conventional animal toys in a game with walking, talking animals. However, this hardly takes away from the overwhelming cuteness of the plushies.


The winter update goes beyond adding toy puppies to the game. It also includes items for Turkey Day, which feature Turkey Day Wheat Decor, Turkey Day Hearth, and Turkey Day Decorations, all evoking Thanksgiving. Next month, players will have access to Christmas Toy items for Toy Day from Dec. 1 to Dec. 25. In addition to the Puppy Plushies, players can obtain a variety of Kids' Tents and Tin Robots. Further, players can also dress up as Santa Claus and deliver gifts to villagers on Toy Day. These gifts include a pile of presents, stockings, Santa's sleigh, and a wreath. The update also includes multiple new reactions, such as the ability to sit on the ground. Unfortunately for some, sitting next to villagers has caused them to give players the cold shoulder.

Overall, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been an enormous success for Nintendo. According to VGC, the game sold 13 million copies within six weeks of its release, in the midst of a pandemic. Further, it massively appealed to those in their 20s and 30s, with females occupying 40 percent of the game's player base. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has also been nominated for a Game of the Year award by The Game Awards this year.