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How Do You Use The Crucifix In Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia definitely deserved its award for Best Debut Indie Game at the 2020 Game Awards, but the surprise hit was also one of the most memorable of the year, period. It's a survival horror game in which up to four players investigate paranormal activity and identify one of twelve different ghosts. It focuses on exploration instead of combat, and the player's only defense against a hostile ghost is running away. That creates a tense and gripping experience, especially when playing with friends. 


While the player can't attack ghosts, Phasmophobia does provide several gear options that can save the player's life, either by slowing the ghosts down or by preventing their hunting ability in the first place. However, the game's "Training" level doesn't provide much detail on these items, so it can be difficult to know how to use this gear correctly. The Crucifix is one of the most crucial items at the ghost hunter's disposal, but unless it's used in a specific way, it's a useless piece of metal. 

How to use Phasmophobia's crucifix correctly

First, it's important to understand "the Hunt," the game mode when the ghost takes a bodily form and attempts to kill the player. Most ghosts will enter the Hunt when the player's sanity drops below 60%, but some have reported that the Banshee and the Demon ghost types will Hunt at any sanity level.  


Luckily, the Crucifix can stop The Hunt from happening. It can either be equipped or placed in the level, but it must be in the room with the most paranormal activity, close to the spot where the ghost actually begins the Hunt. For most ghosts, the Crucifix's effective range is a 3m radius. In larger rooms, it may be necessary to place multiple crucifixes to cover the area. The Crucifix must be placed or equipped before the Hunt begins, otherwise it won't work. Each Crucifix has two charges, so it can prevent two Hunts from happening.

It can be difficult to discern exactly when a Crucifix has worked, but it will disappear after both charges are depleted. Also, when the level is over, the game will check off the "Crucifix used" optional objective. 


Happy ghost hunting.