The Detail That Will Forever Complicate Zelda And Link's Relationship

Over the course of the franchise, the Legend of Zelda series has depicted a storied relationship, more or less, between Link and the titular Zelda. As the plot often revolves around the two and possible world-ending circumstances, one can't help but observe the potential for romance or the brow-raising details surrounding it.


One of the first and most bizarre things about Link and Zelda's relationship is Ganon's technical inclusion in it. Link, Zelda, and Ganon, the series' primary antagonist, are all part of the Triforce, comprised of Wisdom, Courage, and Power. Each are connected to each other in some fashion, so it's possible that Link and Zelda's relationship may be nonexistent if not for Ganon's role in the Triforce. However, that's not the only odd gap in their relationship.

The thing is, despite how romantic the bond between Zelda and Link sometimes seems, there doesn't seem to be a ton of actual romance going on.

A series of complications

While it's kind of unreasonable to expect anything beyond a kiss on the cheek from Zelda or Link, a primary basis for any relationship is verbal communication, which simply doesn't exist here. Link is entirely mute, save for noises of anguish when in peril or sounds of rage in the midst of combat. This lack of communication is wholly unconducive to a close relationship.


A question also remains over why Link is always called upon to save the universe from its destruction or oppressive rule by one being. The answer might be no simpler than a matter of preference. Despite having many resource at her hand as a princess, for whatever reason, Zelda continues to push Link as a messianic figure who will save Hyrule from certain doom. Likely a less skilled combatant than a good portion of Hyrule's mightiest warriors, Link's destiny as the Hero seems more a matter of partiality from Zelda than anything else.