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Hitman 3 Streamer Turns Entire Town Into A Cold Case

Even though Hitman 3 has seen some issues surrounding its release earlier this month, fans are having fun playing the game in ways that the developers might not have intended. IO Interactive has a history of embracing strange aspects of the game, even when they start out as bugs, but now a streamer has come forth with an ingenious plan that asks an ever important question: What would happen if a player shoved an entire town into a freezer and then blew them all up?


Twitch streamer RTGameCrowd did the impossible by locking the entire town of Sapienza into a meat locker. The Sapienza map originally appeared in 2016's Hitman, but Hitman 3 allows players to import maps and progress from the first two entries into Agent 47's latest adventure. The feat didn't happen easily. Originally, RTGameCrowd intended to kill an entire "map in one single shot," as indicated by his stream title. The run begins normally enough, but things really get wild when RTGameCrowd dons a clown suit and begins knocking the residents of Sapienza unconscious.

As the bodies begin to pile up, RTGameCrowd does a bit of housekeeping, moving the bodies away from property with armed guards that irritatingly want to wake up the unconscious masses. Eventually, the meat freezer inside a butcher shop becomes the safest place to store the growing number of bodies.


RTGameCrowd painstakingly drags bodies around the city towards the freezer, even playing a bit of music from Super Mario Sunshine to give the endeavor that nice, sunny seaside town feel. In addition to the ambiance, the song represents a special NPC buried in the pile, a red plumber RTGameCrowd begins calling Mario. Things start to get a little weird seven hours into a stream, sometimes.

Eventually, almost nine hours in, RTGameCrowd manages to get all of Sapienza in the freezer. Playing some tasteful Bach, he bids farewell to the NPCs he grew so close to, then detonates an explosive. That should have been the end of things, but the bomb barely made a dent in the horde of bodies, killing just a few townsfolk. RTGameCrowd then tries to kill the group manually, claiming there can be no witnesses left behind. Of course, the stream ends with a screenshot of a job well done. 

IO Interactive responded on Twitter from its official account, punnily saying, "Cool idea." The developer then reacted with shock to how long it took RTGameCrowd to achieve this feat. RTGameCrowd remarked, "Can I ask if your designers ever intended for someone to do this, and does it horrify you[?]" 

So far, no one has specified just how shocked the dev team was, or if IO intended for murder on such a creative scale.