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Just When You Thought The PS5 Couldn't Get Any Bigger

Way back when the PS5's design was originally unveiled, there was one aspect in particular that everyone latched onto: the console is big, significantly taller and heftier than any PlayStation console before it. And while the size of the PS5 has led to some pretty spectacular memes within the last year, it appears that some people think the console could always be bigger. Enter YouTuber ZHC, who has recently set a record for building the largest PlayStation 5 console in the world.


At the top of a new video, ZHC says that the world's largest PS5 "stands ten feet tall, weighs more than 500 pounds, and cost me over 70 grand [to build]." For those of you keeping score at home, that makes this PS5 just slightly taller than Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu. Not only that, but the massive machine is fully functional. The giant PS5 plays games and the humongous controller that accompanies it can indeed be used, although it may take more than one person to move both joysticks and mash buttons.

As impressive as that is, ZHC wasn't quite done yet. After building the system, ZHC and his team spent 100 hours painting custom designs on either side of it. To make things even more interesting, ZHC customized one side while the rest of his team worked on the other. The team with the best design won PS5s of their own to take home, with a number of leftover PS5s going to charity. ZHC also agreed to gift his massive PS5 "to a random person."


ZHC also sprinkled in multiple challenges for his team to complete throughout the project. These challenges included mundane activities like watching a 24-hour-long YouTube video about PewDiePie, as well as more intense feats, like performing 1,00 push-upsAt one point, a team member was challenged to customize a normal-sized PS5 and then give it to someone they didn't know. Just imagine someone just walking up to you on the street with a painted PS5; how wild would that be?

In reality, the team found a way to make an even bigger difference. They gifted the PS5 to a young kid who was "celebrating his two year anniversary for his bone marrow transplant." ZHC and co. also planned to send Mateo and his family a bit of extra money to help pay for his medical bills.

 At the end of the day, ZHC's space-themed design beat out his team's nautical painting, but he still awarded them each with a PlayStation 5 for all of their hard work. According to ZHC, his PS5-centric giveaways aren't over quite yet. 

In a comment on the PS5 video, the YouTuber announced that his custom PS5 "has been confirmed as the world's largest fully functioning PS5 + Controller (not a prop)." To celebrate, ZHC plans to gift 100 PS5s to his subscribers when the video hits 1 million likes. Considering how hard it is to get a PS5 these days before the scalpers do, ZHC subscribers may soon end up being some of the luckiest gamers out there.