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This Is The Best Cleric Build In Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 was announced way back in June 2019 for PC and Google Stadia. Although it still doesn't have a release date, it's been available in Early Access since Oct. 6, 2020. While the final version will no doubt be different from the Early Access version, it's still possible to figure out how to get the most from every class.


The Cleric is a Dungeons & Dragons staple that returns in Baldur's Gate 3. As with most D&D classes, the Cleric is designed with flexibility in mind, so choosing the "best" build really depends on the individual's playstyle. Traditionally, the Cleric has served as D&D's standard support/healer party member, but Baldur's Gate 3 offers three Cleric subclasses that add a bit more nuance. The Life Domain focuses on heals, party buffs, and enemy debuffs, the Light Domain makes for a more combat-focused Cleric. Meanwhile, the Trickery Domain is like a Rogue with spellcasting.

The Life Cleric is the only healer currently available in Early Access, and the Light and Trickery subclasses have more overlap with other classes. So this guide will focus on building a solid Life Cleric, a welcome addition to any party.


How to make your Cleric the ultimate support character

As explained by WolfheartFPS, Wisdom and Constitution are the two key stats for the Cleric. As spellcasters, Clerics need a high Wisdom stat to power their spells. Since your Cleric will probably be your party's only healer, a high Constitution is important for keeping them on their feet. Even better, Clerics rely on Constitution to keep their buffs going for multiple rounds, and the Concentration skill check uses the Constitution Saving Throw. The Gold Dwarf race gives a +2 Constitution and +1 Wisdom bonus, making it a great choice for this build.


Clerics pick three of five starting Cantrips, which are basic spells. Of those five, Guidance gives other characters a 1d4 buff on ability checks, while Resistance offers more protection. Sacred Flame is a damage-dealing Cantrip that's more useful than Light or Thaumaturgy.

For spells, a Life Domain Cleric automatically gets Bless and Cure Wounds prepared, two useful healing spells. The downside is that both use Concentration, and any other Concentration spells will be unusable while they're active. One powerful additional spell is Healing Word. Not only is this a ranged alternative to Bless, it's cast with a bonus action, meaning it doesn't cost a turn.