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This Breath Of The Wild Run Took Years To Complete

Video game speedrunners have the patience level of a monk. They test the limits of the games they choose to play by using every trick in the book to complete them in as little time as possible. There's a shocking array of speedrun records out there that may never be surpassed. Plus, there are a few gamers who've pulled off mind-blowing speedruns while blindfolded. When it comes to some of the major games that have gotten the quick-completion treatment in the last few years, Dragon Quest 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and The Outer Worlds come to mind.


Another game that joins that list happens to be one of the Switch's premier open-world adventure games: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Expert player joedun did the unthinkable by becoming the first person in the world to complete Link's latest journey without taking any damage during a 100% speedrun. That means joedun cleared everything on the game's adventure log, collected all 900 Korok seeds, upgraded every piece of gear, and so on.

During an interview with Polygon, joedun went into detail about the high difficulty that comes with pulling off such a feat. "The most challenging aspect was definitely never giving up," joedun stated. "You see, I failed that run 100+ times, with 3 of those times being 30+ hours in. To keep pushing myself to not give up and not let the game beat me was definitely the hardest."


Past speedrun attempts from joedun showcased his greatest failures, as he could be seen livestreaming them. One clip in particular showed his immense disappointment after getting hurt during a run that saw him collect 800+ Korok seeds and eliminate close to 70 bosses by that point. But eventually, joedun cleared the finish line live on stream and sent his chat into an explosion of "EZ Clap" emotes.

joedun's celebratory tweet about his speedrun triumph has gathered plenty of attention by picking up 11,000+ likes and 1,000+ comments. Even though he cleared such a tough task with the use of glitches, joedun's no-damage speedrun still took a crazy amount of time and effort to pull off. Polygon noted that the next speedrun challenge that joedun hoped to tackle involves Breath of the Wild's The Master Trials DLC, which is far from easy.

As far as other Breath of the Wild speedruns go, the website named after the activity itself lists an American player (rasenurns) as the one with the fastest completion time thus far: 26m, 26s, 867ms. joedun's no-damage speedrun completion time comes in at 31 hours, 58 minutes, and 9 seconds.