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Paladin Amber Shared The Most Embarrassing Driving Story

The struggles tied to being on the "shorter" side of life can be super annoying.

It seems Amber Jay Wadham, a.k.a. "Paladin Amber," is no stranger to this particular brand of challenges. The popular Australian game streamer and YouTube personality recently shared an unfortunate anecdote tied to her smaller stature in response to a tweet from a fan. "Not a attack. Just a observation," wrote @MVS__11. "Women under like 5'3 always look like little kids driving when they got the seat that close to the steering wheel."


Paladin Amber followed up by recounting a horror story drawn from her own driving experiences. "I once got pulled over because the police officer thought I was illegally driving my own car," she stated in a retweet before providing further context. "He was like 'I'm going to need to see your license if you have one' THE DISRESPECT." She later added, "He said 'I honestly thought you were a child at first glance and you can never be too sure.'"

Paladin Amber's description of one of her most embarrassing driving moments led to some equally unfortunate tales from other Twitter users. One tweeted out "LOOOORDDD being 5'1 i feel then when im in an uber and they ask if im going to high school." @CinderSlays followed up that admission with one of her own: "Dude this is the exact reason I got an SUV that has electronic seat lifting LMFAO. I REFUSE TO BE ASKED HOW OLD I AM AGAIN BY A COP."


Paladin Amber may have hit some speed bumps while navigating life as a shorter driver, but she has no problem roasting viewers that flirt with her during a stream. Her cutting comebacks against her "thirstier" viewers is a signature trait that has gained her plenty of fanfare. One of Paladin Amber's funniest moments occurred when she poked fun at Dr Disrespect's unfortunate E3 2019 stunt. Her penchant for comedy and well-deserved roasts are on full display on and off stream. 

Paladin Amber is not the only streamer who has endured an embarrassing encounter. More than one streamer has managed to ruin their career in a matter of moments. Even gaming personalities like Ninja and Nadeshot aren't immune to awkward moments. It's safe to say that the world of streaming comes with its share of inspirational highs and cringeworthy lows.