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Is Bowser's Fury A Co-Op Game?

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury releases Feb. 12 and the early critical reviews for the Nintendo Switch game are already super positive. The enhanced port of 2013's Super Mario 3D World comes with plenty of extras, including an all-new adventure for everyone's favorite plumber. Bowser's Fury adds several hours onto the base game, but fans are probably wondering whether or not they have to play through the whole game on their own. After all, the original Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U offered 4-player co-op, so why not Bowser's Fury?


These fans will be happy to know that Bowser's Fury is, in fact, a co-op game. Player two gets to take on the role of Bowser Jr. as he and Mario try to stop his out of control dad. The two-player aspects of the game open up all-new possibilities for gamers, some of which have already been revealed by Nintendo. 

Bowser Jr. is here to help

Nintendo showed off Bowser's Fury's co-op gameplay in a new "Nintendo Minute" video on YouTube. In the video, fans get to see how Mario and Bowser Jr.'s abilities vary from one another. Whereas Mario is expected to climb and traverse various obstacles, Bowser Jr. can use his little hovering device to fly right past or over dangerous terrain. His attacks are also different from Mario's, since Bowser Jr. carries around a giant paintbrush that can be used to lay a smackdown on enemies.


Of course, there are plenty of annoyances that can come from playing co-op, like getting separated. Luckily, if one player character accidentally gets too far away from the other, a quick button press will teleport the two heroes together.

There are also various secrets that can be unlocked with Bowser Jr.'s unique abilities. At one point in the "Nintendo Minute" video, the players spot a conspicuous question mark floating next to a wall. When Bowser Jr. takes his paintbrush to this section of the wall, it unlocks a hidden compartment containing a classic Super Mushroom. 

Get ready to uncover the secrets of Bowser's Fury (and participate in some wild co-op action) when it launches on Nov. 12.