How To Find Captain Toad And The Toad Brigade In Bowser's Fury

The member of the Toad Brigade — stars of a classic Wii U title that spun off from Super Mario 3D World — have been lost. Captain Toad, Toadette, Green Toad, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad are all scattered throughout Lake Lapcat in Bowser's Fury, the newly released companion to Super Mario 3D World. Each member of the Toad Brigade (minus Toadette) will earn you one Cat Shine, granting you four in total.


Keep in mind, that in order to find each Toad Brigade member, you will need to collect 50 Cat Shines and defeat Fury Bowser first. Otherwise, they won't appear on the map, Polygon reports. Luckily, that's only half of the Cat Shines in the game. Collecting them should add a good amount of hours to Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury's short runtime.

To begin this mission, you'll need to speak with Toadette, who can be found on Fur Step Island, near the ship, where she will tell you that the Toad Brigade has gone missing.

Each location of the missing Toad Bridade members

Captain Toad, who is also a playable character in Super Mario 3D World, can be found on a small island on the Scamper Shores encircled by Biddybuds. Pop them all on the head to rescue him and he'll give you a Cat Shine for the "Lost Leader." 


You can find the Yellow Toad hiding underneath Slipskate Slope. Once rescued, he'll give you a "Stuck Under the Slope" Cat Shine.

Blue Toad may be the hardest to reach. He is located at the top of Mount Magmeow with a Conkdor chasing after him. Defeat the weird bird and save the Blue Toad. He'll give you a Cat Shine for "Hot Pursuit." 

Lastly, the Green Toad can be located on an island at the far north end of Lake Lapcat. To reach him, you'll have to launch yourself across some black ooze. He will give you a "Cuddly Castaway" Cat Shine. Once they've all been rescued, all the members of the Toad Brigade will be reunited with Toadette on Fur Step Island. Success!