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Can You Play As Other Characters Besides Mario In Bowser's Fury?

What if you took the best elements of the classic 2D Super Mario platformers and brought them into the third dimension? Then you'd have the beloved Wii U title, Super Mario 3D World. What if you could have Super Mario 3D World both at home or on the go? Would you possibly have the ultimate Mario game?

If you answered yes, then get ready, because there's a Switch version of Super Mario 3D World that will include tons of new features, and it launches on Feb. 12. It will also come packed with Bowser's Fury, which you won't want to missCritical reception of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury is mostly positive, with reviews pretty much agreeing that Mario fans will be pleased with the new release. But what if Mario isn't your hero of choice?

In some Mario platforming games, fans have the option to choose to play as another one of Mushroom Kingdom's finest. Luigi is most often the second player, but sometimes Princess Peach and Toad get in on the action as well. Such is the case in Super Mario 3D World, but what about Bowser's Fury? Here's the scoop.

An unlikely duo in Bowser's Fury

If Mario isn't your favorite character in the series, then there's ... sort of good news. He's not your only option in the all-new Bowser's Fury. Unfortunately, you only have one other choice, and that's Bowser Jr.

While Super Mario 3D World allows you to play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, or Rosalina (with Captain Toad and Toad Brigade in certain sections), Bowser's Fury tells a story that exclusively involves Mario and Bowser Jr. as unlikely allies.

In his review for the Washington Post, Jhaan Elker explains how it all works. Mario and Bowser Jr. join forces to fight an oversized Bowser who's fallen under the spell of a sinister black ink. You can either team up with a friend or the computer in a collectathon to restore Bowser to his old, regular-evil self. If you'd rather play as Bowser Jr. though, you might need to find someone who will take the reins as Mario. Both characters control similarly, except Bowser Jr. can attack with his paintbrush and use it to uncover secrets in the game's exciting co-op mode.

Now that you know who is playable in Bowser's Fury, which of the two characters will be your go-to?