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How To Instantly Summon Bowser In Bowser's Fury

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury received great reviews from critics when it launched in February 2020. The game promised to revisit an underrated Wii U classic while adding an extra mode players had never experienced before. Bowser's Fury boasts an open world setting that adds about three hours of fun to the overall game. The premise of Bowser's Fury is simple: Bowser has been corrupted by sentient black goo, and now Mario must team up with Bowser's son, Bowser Jr., in order to save his enemy from destruction.


In Bowser's Fury, Mario must travel from island to island, activating Cat Shines while gradually bringing color and life back to the world. Periodically, and seemingly at random, a giant Bowser emerges to wreak havoc and destroy the island's beautiful scenery. Mario can do little but avoid Bowser's deadly blows and attempt to use his chaotic fury to help unlock new paths. Taming Bowser's rage isn't easy, though, and if players miss an opportunity to uncover a treasure, Cat Shine, or new path, they're left waiting until Bowser decides to show up again. If only there was a way to call the giant when you really need him.

Fortunately, there is.

Mario's own personal wrecking crew

According to Kotaku, players can use a Bowser Amiibo to bring the gigantic terror in Bowser's Fury. Though the Bowser Amiibo was originally marketed to work with Mario Kart 8, it can also work with Bowser's Fury. Some might question why you'd want to invite the larger-than-life monster into the game, but there's a certain appeal to knowing when danger will arrive. Calling Bowser offers a degree of control to players, and allows them to manipulate the world.


Players must collect Cat Shines in order to restore balance to the world. In this case, Bowser's rage actually comes in handy, as it allows players to reach previously inaccessible areas. Using the Bowser Amiibo lets players specifically summon Bowser in order to open new areas by breaking through the scenery. In effect, this turns Bowser into a tool Mario can use to progress further in the game.