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This Is The Best Warzone MP5 Loadout For Black Ops Cold War Season 1

The Call of Duty series recently received a new entry with Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War, and critical reception has been positive. What's even more exciting for players is that Warzone is also a part of Black Ops — Cold War. The CoD battle royale is seamlessly integrated into the latest Black Ops, which is a tremendous win for fans everywhere.


Now that Black Ops — Cold War season 1 is well underway, fans of the series are having a literal blast duking it out with a variety of weaponry. If you want to come out on top and be the best among your comrades, you're going to need to find the perfect setup. And what better way to head off your enemies than by equipping the trusty MP5?

If you want to head to battle with the MP5 at your side, here are some suggestions for the best loadout in Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War season 1.

The loadout lowdown

First off, you have to ask yourself: what do you want your MP5 to do? It's a fantastic weapon, and with the right loadout, you can make it your own. 

In an article for Dextero, James Busby offers his readers a breakdown of the perfect MP5 loadout for close-range gunfire. Busby's ideal loadout has a 9.5″ reinforced heavy barrel, a field agent grip with an airborne elastic wrap rear grip, an agency suppressor for a muzzle, and 40-round drum ammo. His reasoning behind this setup is that it grants the user greater control while increasing the accuracy and mobility of the weapon.


If you want to use your MP5 for more mid-range combat, perhaps the suggested setup from Jonno Nicholson of Gfinity will suit you better. Nicholson recommends a 9.5" ranger barrel, a brake 9 muzzle, aSFOD speedgrip on the underbarrel, speed tape on the handle, and a collapsed stock. Nicholson explains that this loadout boosts your weapon's firepower while offering greater accuracy. 

Whether you're looking to enhance the weapon's natural close-range advantage or reach just a little further, these loadouts are sure to make your MP5 a powerful asset to bring into the battlefield.