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What These YouTube Gamers Look Like Without Makeup

Whenever an entertainer builds a public persona online, fans expect them to look their best, which often includes makeup. Many YouTubers are almost unrecognizable without their signature makeup looks, and out of curiosity, some viewers actively seek out their bare faces online. It's worth noting, though, that makeup — or the lack thereof — can sometimes be used to reinforce sexist values on women, and YouTubers aren't immune from this. Neekolul, for example, suffered harassment after posting makeup-less selfies online, and used the situation to speak out against those who seemed shocked by her bare face.

Still, not all face reveals go sour, and many women gamers have shared pictures and videos of their bare faces for various reasons. Some have done so with the intention of showing off their makeup routines. Others have used makeup-less selfies to talk about gender in gaming community more broadly, or to simply show scenes from their daily lives. Gamers are, after all, real people, regardless of if they stream online or not. Here's a look at the "true" selves of some YouTube gamers. Whether they're wearing makeup or not, these gamers show fans all the different contexts of beauty.

Valkyrae shares her secrets

Valkyrae had a great year in 2020, joining forces with 100 Thieves, seeing a huge jump in her YouTube numbers, and making lots of money. She's one of the highest ranked women streamers on YouTube, with over 3 million subscribers, but she's also a normal person with a routine just like anyone else.

In the middle of 2020, she filmed a video with fans sharing her daily makeup look. Before beginning her routine, Valkyrae told her audience that she always makes sure to complete her skincare regimen before putting on any makeup. However, Valkyrae didn't profess to be an expert. She said, "I grew up as a tomboy, and I stayed a tomboy for the rest of my life." Though she spoke modestly of her makeup skills, she proceeded to produce a beautiful look, complete with a secret some fans might not have anticipated.

After finishing her foundation and eyeshadow, Valkyrae explained to viewers that she doesn't like to use eyeliner, and instead uses black eyeshadow to create a smokey look. Valkyrae also revealed that she used to have eyelash extensions installed, and kept up the maintenance for almost three years. Now, she uses drugstore mascara. The routine only took 10 minutes and looked lovely — perfect for a night of streaming.

Sssniperwolf gets a voice over

Sssniperwolf, known as Lia on her non-gaming channel, experienced a swift rise in popularity on YouTube. That doesn't mean she's afraid to show her authentic self, though. She periodically shares makeup-less selfies of herself performing normal activities, like shopping at Ross. Of course, Sssniperwolf likes to get dressed up sometimes, too, and she often wears elaborate makeup looks on camera.

However, during one special video, Sssniperwolf let her boyfriend do all the hard work of talking. In the video, which has over 2 million views, Sssniperwolf let her boyfriend, Sausage, narrate each step in her makeup routine, and yikes, did he get a lot of it wrong.

Sssniperwolf clearly had fun with the video, making a silly face without makeup and proceeding without knowing what her boyfriend might be saying. Although he gets a little crass at times, Sausage mostly comments on the strange names makeup often has. There is one part of the video, though, where Sausage makes some inappropriate comments about Sssniperwolf's concealer. But apparently they worked past that, along with some other things. Despite their turbulent relationship, the two were enjoying Disney World together as of September 2020.

Azzy shares a romantic moment

Azzyland, who has over 13 million subscribers on YouTube, also joined in on the "boyfriend does my voiceover" challenge back in 2017. Azzy's boyfriend, Jordi, complimented her bare face, saying that she's pretty even without makeup. He then proceeded to comment on every item in her makeup bag. When the fake eyelashes came out, Jordi said, "these are scary!" The awe Jordi had for Azzy's makeup routine reflects how a lot of men feel about makeup in general.

Fans responded positively to Azzy's face reveal, with one stating, "She actually looks really nice without makeup and she's really good at makeup." Another fan complimented Azzy by saying, "Azzy looks so different without makeup but she's beautiful in both ways!" Some might find it refreshing to see a YouTuber share themselves so openly and get a positive response in return.

Azzy earned her following by curating a massive base of fans through her various entertainment videos. She posts reaction videos, life hacks, and challenges, along with let's play videos full of Grand Theft Auto, Among Us, and Roblox. In a 2016 interview with Based Gamer, Azzy confessed that she previously tried to move from cosplay to YouTube, but found herself too awkward on camera. After working for another YouTube channel, she finally had the courage to start her own brand. Luckily for her and her fans, it worked out.

LDShadowlady shows it goes both ways

LDShadowlady, or Lizzie, rose to YouTube fame by playing games like Minecraft with her husband Joel. With her brightly dyed hair and rosy cheeks, Lizzie usually wears makeup on camera, but that doesn't mean she's afraid to show her bare face. Lizzie sometimes posts no makeup selfies on her various platforms, including Instagram.

More importantly, Lizzie sometimes discusses how the world perceives women with makeup. In a 2014 tweet, Lizzie posted, "Walked into class without makeup on today. 'You look tired.' Oh." Lizzie aptly pointed out that when women don't take the extra time to get ready in the morning, people assume something is wrong.

In a fun twist on the "boyfriend does my makeup" challenge, Lizzie did her then-boyfriend, now-husband's makeup. The entire exchange felt remarkably cute, with Joel asking Lizzie if his makeup would look "as fabulous" as Lizzie's own. True love does exist. The finished look seemed like a bit of a joke, with Joel sporting a unibrow and lots of pink blush, but fans reacted positively. One fan even suggested that Lizzie do Joel's makeup everyday.

GamingwithJen takes a chance

GamingwithJen has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, and chances are many of them have seen her without makeup. Back in 2015, Jen and her then-husband Pat participated in the "boyfriend does my makeup" challenge, and Jen began the video, of course, without makeup. Jen expressed some nervousness about Pat's makeup skills, commenting that she planned to wear the same makeup look for Pat's 6 million subscriber celebration video later that day.

Ultimately, the look turned out to be frightening, with eyeliner leaking down Jen's cheeks, lipstick all over her mouth, and lots of bright pink blush. Jen jokingly said she had found her new Halloween look.

More recent comments on the makeup video referenced Pat and Jen's breakup a few years later, and some fans expressed that they watched old videos to relive the best parts of the couple's relationship. While nothing lasts forever, the internet always remembers. Jen's YouTube homepage indicates that she mostly plays Roblox and Minecraft now, with just a bit of Among Us thrown in, continuing the trend of creative, world building games in the YouTube community.

Yammy becomes a Sim

YouTuber Yammy regularly posts videos of Gacha Life, Minecraft, and The Sims, but she also participates in some challenges. In 2018, Yammy took part in a Sims-themed makeup challenge where she attempted to do complete a randomized Sims look on herself. The results were truly wild.

Yammy tried a few different approaches, including her final look, which required her to put dark eyeshadow and eyeliner all around her eyes to almost cartoonish proportions. The last look also included dark blue contouring and gold lipstick, which Yammy pulled off well despite her shocked expression. Fans responded enthusiastically. One said, "beauty gurus are shaking," while another mused, "you look pretty with no makeup!" Yammy has posted elsewhere about enjoying the "makeup free life" while on holiday, laughing that Snapchat filters help mask any imperfections.

In a recent poll on Yammy's Twitter, fans voted that Yammy should stream on Twitch instead of YouTube, although the results were fairly mixed. For now, Yammy continues to upload to YouTube, but who knows what her future holds.

PressHeartToContinue masters perfect brows

Dodger, who goes by PressHeartToContinue on YouTube, had a makeup free chat with her fans during a special holiday vlog in 2018. In the video, Dodger talked about the time she spent with her sisters and milestones in her daughter's life. In the video, Dodger seemed warm and inviting, which highlighted one of the reasons fans love her: her charismatic personality.

But the video wasn't all fun and chat. Dodger had a very specific purpose for the video, and quickly set to work attempting to give herself thick, full brows with the help of several makeup products. Even though Dodger bemoaned the fact that her brows weren't even, she said the journey was fun. Her cats, for their part, seemed to enjoy hanging out and watching the show.

While Dodger gained a following through let's play-style videos, she then branched out into vlog territory, doing more informal chats like her makeup tutorial. According to her YouTube channel, she hasn't been active since the start of 2019, most likely because she's been busy with other things, like being a mom and business owner. She does, however, post makeup-free pictures to her Instagram often, keeping connected with her fans. Who has time for makeup when you're too busy being awesome?

Meloniemac criticizes the industry

Meloniemac earned over 300,000 subscribers on YouTube through her gaming videos, as well as through sharing some of the more personal moments in her life. Though Meloniemac frequently wears makeup in her videos, complete with sharp winged eyeliner, she's also posted pictures of herself without makeup on Instagram.

In one picture, Meloniemac included the caption, "RAWR! Here's a #nomakeup selfie since it's been a while and you guys request it a lot." Meloniemac looked happy in the picture, with messy braids and a smile on her face. Though some fans responded by calling her ugly, most praised Meloniemac's natural good looks, calling her beautiful.

Meloniemac also tweeted a meme suggesting that men can't handle women without makeup, no matter how much they think they can. Meloniemac elaborated, tweeting, "All these 'shocking' makeup vs no makeup pics are just normal and just as beautiful either way. It's baffling to me how many boys on the internet don't know what women look like without makeup." Mostly, she said, it's tiring hearing men say she looks different from picture to picture. No matter what Meloniemac chooses to wear or not wear, her fans love her either way.