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How To Collect All The Mario Items In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Nintendo Switch had a great 2020. Not only did the Switch get a best-selling game in the form of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but the system also played host to Super Mario Bros.' 35th anniversary. Nintendo fans have spent the year building island paradises and paying off debts to Tom Nook while enjoying a Mario battle royale and reliving classics with Super Mario 3D All-Stars. How could it possibly get any better? By taking these two hit franchises and bringing them together, of course.


A Nintendo Direct came out in mid-February 2021 that dished out all the details regarding the major Super Mario event in Animal Crossing. The abundance of Mario items, costumes, and more is sure to keep Super Fans busy throughout the month. If you're a Mario fanatic, you owe it to yourself to collect all the Mario-themed goodies in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here's how to make your Mushroom Kingdom dreams come true.

Mario items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons will cost you some bells

Hopefully you've been stocking up on bells because if you want to get a full set of Mario collectibles, your pockets will have to run deep. The free update included dozens of new items, which can't be obtained like many other seasonal pieces. You won't be finding Mario recipes floating in balloons or receive them from your friendly animal neighbors. And forget about buying costumes of your favorite Mushroom Kingdom heroes at the Able Sisters Shop. Instead, all Mario-themed items can be found in one convenient place: the Nook Shopping service.


When accessing either the terminal inside Resident Services or the app on your in-game phone, you will find Mario products under the "Promotion" section within the Special Goods category. Some notable items to look forward to include Warp Pipes, Super Mushrooms, Thwomps, and many more!

Get ready to do the Mario, because this update is live! But not so fast! Before you get too excited, you won't be able to purchase any of these items until March 1. So in the meantime, dust off your nets and fishing poles and hope either C.J. or Flick pays you a visit.