Dr Disrespect Pulls No Punches On Warzone Season 2

Most would agree that Dr Disrespect is a very passionate gamer. Whether he likes something in a game or not, he's usually not shy about sharing his feelings with those watching his YouTube stream. The newest update for Call of Duty: Warzone, which introduced some new content, seems to fall into the "do not like" category for the Doc. During a recent broadcast, Dr Disrespect didn't soften his language when talking about how Warzone changed with the update.


"This patch is horrific," the Doc said before quickly getting gunned down in the Gulag. He continued on to call the update "f—ing terrible." Earlier in the broadcast, Dr Disrespect had already speculated that Warzone "is not attracting any new people right now," though he didn't elaborate on why he felt that to be true. Based on his comments about the update in general, though, it seems the Doc feels the newest Warzone patch isn't doing the game any favors.

Despite his less than enthusiastic remarks about how the update landed with him, the Doc wasn't totally down about everything. The AUG assault rifle, which he mentioned a number of times during his stream, appeared to be a bright spot. "See, I'm gonna have to say it, I mean, again, the AUGs feels good," he stated. Unfortunately, similar comments weren't as easy to come by. The Doc played a number of Warzone matches during the broadcast, and didn't have many other positive things to say about the game.


Season 2 of Warzone rolled out with a number of gameplay tweaks, as well as new weapons and other additions. A new mode called Rebirth Resurgence Extreme kicked off the start of the Season, and one more called Exfiltration will arrive sometime in the coming weeks. Perhaps in those, the Doc will find a bit of fun to be had. Or maybe some additional patches down the line will address some of the unhappiness Dr Disrespect feels toward Warzone at this point in time.

At this stage, though, it appears the Doc isn't all that pleased with how this latest update has affected the way Warzone feels and plays. Judging by his past streams, Dr Disrespect plays this game quite a bit. There's no telling whether he'll continue on and try to battle through some of his beef with Warzone, or whether he'll ultimately turn to another title. Maybe that last option wouldn't be a bad one — he did just get banned from a Warzone tournament, after all.