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How Perfect Timing By Fans Saved Corpse Husband's Life

The enigmatic Corpse Husband has gained a huge following in the last year or so, and it is easy to see why. Speculation surrounding the YouTuber's true appearance, along with his famously deep voice and fan interaction, has certainly kept viewers tuning in. Corpse Husband has recently revealed just how grateful he is to his fans for their support.


In a clip from Corpse Husband's channel (via OTV & Friends Clips on YouTube), the YouTuber opened up a bit about his personal life while streaming Among Us. As he carried out his character's tasks, Corpse Husband told his viewers that he wanted to share a story with them. According to Corpse Husband, his rise to popularity could not have happened at a more ideal time.

Corpse Husband told his viewers that he "would be absolutely f***ked" if he hadn't gained so many followers and subscribers when he did. The YouTuber has told viewers before that he has struggles with a few chronic illnesses, some of which has cast a shadow of doubt on his streaming future. Before becoming a breakout YouTube star, Corpse explained in the clip, he had gone completely broke from paying for his medical bills. In addition, he was paying his mother's rent, since she is unable to work. 


"I would be so f**ked in medical debt and constantly not going to be able to go to my appointments. My mom would be homeless," said Corpse Husband. "Like, you guys came in clutch, like, right at the right time." Corpse added that becoming popular even a single month later would have made a monumental difference in the lives of his family members.

"The timing couldn't have been any better," said the YouTuber. "So, just thank you guys so much for everything."

Fans on social media have made sure to let Corpse Husband know that the feeling is mutual. At least a few fans have said that Corpse Husband's content also helped to save them when they needed it most. One person wrote, "[I]'m just very grateful to be a fan of [C]orpse's in this moment in time, and glad we were here to support him when it's most vital."

Corpse Husband seemingly came out of nowhere in the relatively recent past. He rose to prominence through his readings of scary stories and his original songs, which have attracted millions of listens. Corpse Husband has also teased the possibility of doing regular Twitch streams, but that has yet to happen. It's clear that his fanbase is happy to support whatever his future endeavors may be.