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These Are All The New Modes In Black Ops - Cold War Season 2

Call of Duty fans are getting plenty of fun new toys to play with in Season 2 of Black Ops – Cold War, which launched Feb. 25. Not only are there new maps and new Operators to choose from, but the game is also adding three gameplay modes to make things a bit more interesting. These modes were recently detailed in a post from the official Call of Duty blog, which gave fans a decent sneak peek at what to expect from Season 2.


All three of these modes are making a reappearance from previous installments in the Call of Duty franchise. However, a few of the details of each have been tweaked, which means that even seasoned Call of Duty fans may be in for some surprises. Players are going to need to master every last one of Black Ops – Cold War's new weapons in order to win the day. Here's everything you need to know about the newly-added Gun Game, Stockpile, and Hardpoint modes.

These modes are familiar, but exciting

Gun Game is a celebrated fan favorite mode from previous Black Ops entries, so longtime fans probably have a pretty good idea what to expect from it. Starting with a pistol and ending with a knife, Cold War players will cycle through 20 different weapons as they make kills. This mode requires players to be extremely familiar with most of the weapons in the game.


In Stockpile, players will collect dog tags from their fallen enemies and drop them off in exchange for hefty XP boosts. Reaching a set number of dog tags will win the match, but getting killed while carrying them will allow the other players to scoop up the tags for themselves.

Finally, Hardpoint has been described by the devs as "the biggest version" of the mode that's ever been attempted. Ten different four-person teams will be tasked with capturing a alternating series of hills. The team who can hold their ground for 500 seconds total will be declared the victor.