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The Unlucky Way This Gamer's Last Of Us 2 Permadeath Run Ended

Imagine playing a game on its hardest difficulty in front of a live Twitch audience. You're trucking along, managing to perform impressive feats of strategy and skill to keep your character alive for nearly four hours. Suddenly, the game glitches, and all that hard work is immediately lost to the void. That is exactly what happened to Twitch streamer TLagPro, who shared a video of the dreaded incident that prematurely ended his Permadeath run in The Last of Us 2


In Permadeath Mode, one fatal wound means that it's game over. No continues, no checkpoints. You die, and you're back to square one.

Things looked dicey as his character took an arrow to the shoulder, yet he managed to survive a tight situation. After overcoming the attacker, courtesy of an ax to the head, he hobbled to the door. Sadly, what awaited on the other side was a vast emptiness where his character fell off the mortal plane — beyond the game's map — and TLagPro immediately panicked as his run came to a premature conclusion.

Once is bad enough, but to attempt this feat twice and encounter the same glitch is just downright unlucky. The day before, he tried a Permadeath run and opened a door to nothingness, making the video on Reddit the second time he was unnaturally blocked from accomplishing his goal. As one Redditor suggested, at this point, there could be a higher power trying to prevent him from succeeding in a Permadeath playthrough of The Last of Us 2.


While these were heartbreaking moments for TLagPro, not all glitches in the The Last of Us series are quite this devastating. One of the more innocuous bugs allowed gamers to explore an area in The Last of Us 2 they weren't supposed to find. With some precision jumping, you can break your character into an elementary school that appears as a vast expanse of cloudy skies. On an even lighter note, there was a hilarious glitch in The Last of Us where a few good slaps knocked out a bunch of enemies.

While it's unlikely TLagPro will be exploring any of those other harmless glitches, it's yet to be determined if he will continue attempting a full Permadeath run. Hopefully, he won't be too discouraged and will find the determination needed to go forth once more. If nothing else, he certainly deserves to take a day off, and to maybe find a four-leaf clover or some other good luck charm.