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Everything We Know About Dead By Daylight's Ji-Woon, The Trickster

Just as they were about to reach fame and fortune, Ji-Woon Hak's K-Pop band, NO SPIN, died in a tragic fire. Pushed to capitalize upon the event by his producer Yun-Jin Lee, he began to perform solo under a new artistic pseudonym: The Trickster. It wouldn't be long until he would become the next Dead By Daylight killer, arriving in the game's All-Kill DLC.


As Ji-Woon's fame grew, his music became darker and more troubled. Eventually, Yun-Jin realized that the screams and shrieks on his tracks mirrored the screams and shrieks of recent murder victims. Fearing what he had become, Yun-Jin endeavored to end his career — but her plans only led to the untimely deaths of her colleagues.

With his bombastic appearance and "trickster" nature, many Reddit users have compared Ji-Woon to The Joker — often unfavorably. On the Dead By Daylight forums, another user questioned whether the excitement and appeal of the character might glorify violence; one YouTube video shows Ji-Woon turning and charismatically winking at the camera. 

But regardless of whether players see Ji-Woon as a suave killer or a misguided teenage fantasy, he appears to be a strong addition to the Dead By Daylight cast. Focusing heavily on knife combat and area control, Ji-Woon arrives with a strong backstory and an interesting new Survivor character, Yun-Jin Lee.


What is Ji-Woon's gameplay like?

Ji-Woon's standard loadout is equipped with the Polished Head Smasher weapon and Showstopper power. The Polished Head Smasher is a customized aluminum bat, but Ji-Woon probably won't be using his bat frequently; he's a range fighter.


To attack, Ji-Woon can enter into a "Throw State." During this state, he's able to aim and throw his knives — at the cost of moving a little slower. Players will need to balance their need for mobility with their need to attack.

Ji-Woon's Showstopper power starts him off with 60 blades, which can be thrown either individually or in a flurry. Each blade will increase the survivor's laceration meter by one; at eight, they lose a health state. Add-ons to Showstopper include the Trick Pouch, Memento Blades, and Killing Part Chords. These add-ons can do things such as increase the number of knives Ji-Woon starts with.

During Ji-Woon's special attack, "Main Event," Ji-Woon has unlimited blades, can throw them faster, and can enter his Throw State without his movement being slowed.


Dealing with Survivors as Ji-Woon

Ji-Woon is currently available on the Public Test Build of Dead By Daylight. YouTube users Gozen and Nuzzgard have highlighted some of Ji-Woon's gameplay, which is likely similar to the final release's mechanics. Ji-Woon's perks include "Starstruck," "Hex: Crowd Control," and "No Way Out."


The "Starstruck" ability causes survivors within Ji-Woon's terror radius to suffer from the "Exposed" status effect when he is carrying a survivor. Starstruck has a 90-second cooldown. The "Hex: Crowd Control" ability causes the Entity to block a window for 10 to 14 seconds after survivors perform a rushed vault through it. 

For each of the survivors hooked, Ji-Woon's ability "No Way Out" gains a special token. When the last generator is repaired, the Entity will block both exit gate switches for 8 to 10 seconds per token, up to a maximum of 40 seconds.

Ji-Woon is the 25th killer to be added to Dead By Daylight. With his Joker-esque look, dozens of multi-colored knives, and show-stopping powers, he seems designed for fast gameplay and area control. And while not everyone might resonate with Ji-Woon's K-Pop origin story, others are enchanted by the character's strange look and dynamics, which have given the sexy Resident Evil lady a run for her money.