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Bowser's Fury Mod Makes The Game Almost Impossible

Bowser's Fury, the new open-world game included with Super Mario 3D World, is plenty hard all on its own. Even though the Cat Shines can play hard to get, wouldn't things be worse if everything was, say, covered in lava? 


A new mod by Amethyst, demoed by content creator Mayro on YouTube, makes Bowser's Fury almost impossible to play by turning the ground into lava across the world map. In the video, nearly every flat surface — from grass to paved areas — was turned to lava and held the potential to kill Mario as soon as he placed a tiny brown shoe in the bubbling hot liquid.

Mayro delivered their opinions bluntly, stating from the beginning that navigating the lava would be difficult. They used the various rails and boundaries of each area in Bowser's Fury to navigate the world. However, that strategy proved fraught after Bowser appeared and started throwing fire down on the map. Miraculously, Bowser sometimes prompted new pathways to emerge, and Mayro was able to escape the deadly lava by way of these Bowser-themed blocks.


Throughout the run, Bowser Jr. made things more challenging by floating nearby and refusing to help Mayro through any obstacles. In a little under two hours of play, Mayro managed to find quite a few Cat Shines, although completing the game with the mod might be impossible.

According to Mayro, Amethyst stated that they weren't sure how many Cat Shines players would be able to get while using the floor is lava mod, as it likely makes some Shines inaccessible, but Mayro felt determined to perceive that statement as a challenge. Mayro didn't snag every Cat Shine, considering there are 100 of them scattered throughout the game, but they made significant progress and proved that Mario can indeed traverse the dangerous lava.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury received good reviews from critics who felt nostalgic for the weird, cat themed setting presented in both games. While the titles aren't perfect, they offer a new way to explore Mario's bizarre universe on the Nintendo Switch. In the game, fans can meet Captain Toad, have a showdown with an extra-large Bowser, and explore the game's in depth photo mode

If all that isn't exciting enough, fans can get their hands on Amethyst's mod soon and turn the world into a molten wonderland. Mayro stated that it should pop up online in about a week or so