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Palamutes: What You Need To Know About Monster Hunter Rise's New Buddy

With Monster Hunter Rise's release date fast approaching, fans are hungry for any content they can get their hands on. Monster Hunter World introduced Palicoes, the cat-like Buddies that helped the hunter throughout the game. Palicoes could wear armor, acquire gear, and they received even more abilities in Iceborne, a DLC adventure.


For a while, Palicoes were the only buddies available in Monster Hunter World, except for a few themed Buddies, like the crossover event with Horizon Zero Dawn. Now, there is a new Buddy in town for Monster Hunter Rise. Palamutes are dog-like Buddies that look as elegant as they do fearsome. Okay, and they're pretty cute, too.

The official Capcom website states that Palamutes are a "new type of Buddy that will join you on your hunts." However, Capcom's site doesn't reveal much more beyond that. There are a few details fans know about the new Buddies, though, and those are enough to get any hunter excited.

Hunters can ride Palamutes and use them in combat

The most exciting aspect of the Palamutes might be unexpected, given that they're modeled after dogs. Though dogs are man's best friend, they don't often serve as trusty steeds. Monster Hunter Rise will change that. Hunters will be able to ride Palamutes to ride across the open world. Capcom promised that hunters won't consume stamina while riding on their friends' backs, and that they can even use items while riding to recover a little health on the go.


Most importantly, Capcom shared that yes, players can pet Palamutes to their hearts' content. One Redditor shared a video of a precious moment between dog and hunter, leaving fans satisfied that they will be able to pet the dog in Monster Hunter Rise

In the clip, the hunter said, "That's my pup!" as he petted the good boy's head. It's good to reward Palamutes for doing such a good job of carrying hunters around the map.

Palamute steeds are only one of several exciting new features Monster Hunter Rise will bring to the franchise. Palamutes will also serve as companions in battle, and will be able to attack enemies.

Palamutes will be part of party strategy

Monster Hunter Rise director Yasunori Ichinose revealed to Polygon that players will have the option to bring two buddies with them, but the composition of their party is customizable. "If you're someone who gets hurt a lot, you can take two Palicoes with you," Ichinose explained. "Or you can decide to take two Palamutes with you because you're a dog person." No matter what your party composition, it'll be filled with cute creatures.


Gear also plays a role in party composition. Palamutes, like Palicoes, can wear armor that provides various buffs to their stats. Fans don't know all the details of what kinds of Palamute armor will be available, but Capcom has made a few sneak peeks available. The armor looks equal parts beautiful and functional, with gorgeous details that likely fit into the mythology of Monster Hunter Rise.

There are still more secrets to learn about Monster Hunter Rise, but Palamutes are enough to satiate fans for now. They're cute enough to make any hunter smile.