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The Easiest Hollow Knight Boss To Beat On Radiant Mode

As fans eagerly awaited any new news about Silksong, Team Cherry's sequel to the standout hit Hollow Knight, many players have revisited what made them fall in love with the world of tiny bugs to begin with. With multiple endings, an extensive list of things to do, and a charming world, it's easy to see why fans love Hollow Knight. It was such a success that it even inspired a clone called Gleamlight, which didn't fare too well with players


Any look back at a notoriously difficult game must feature some contemplation about the bosses that helped make the game so challenging and memorable. One Redditor decided to use the power of statistics to determine the most difficult boss in Hollow Knight. Of course, the final boss, Absolute Radiance, was the most difficult boss to defeat in the game's Radiant difficulty level, with Markoth coming in at a close second. The list also inadvertently gave players a different sort of statistic: the easiest boss.

Who's the easiest boss in Hollow Knight in Radiant mode?

The Massive Moss Charger ranked 43 in the difficulty poll, making it the easiest boss in the game on Radiant mode. The Massive Moth Charger is an innocuous enemy, and appears on a smaller scale throughout the game as a regular enemy. The giant bush only has two moves, charge and belly flop, and unlike its smaller counterparts it doesn't expose the bug masquerading as a bigger monster when hit. Players can find the Massive Moth Charger in the Southwest part of Greenpath, netting a huge amount of geo for their troubles.


YouTube channel Shots also ranked the Massive Moth Charger dead last, calling the boss "a complete and utter joke."

Radiant mode isn't all it's cracked up to be for some players, though. One player commented that Radiant mode didn't add much to the game and functioned as "artificial difficulty." Another player pointed out that Ascended mode is actually more difficult, while Radiant mode only functions to give players a shot at a no-hit run.

Radiant mode offers a treasure trove of difficulty for players, but even the most dedicated bug warriors need a break sometimes, and that's when they can seek out the Massive Moth Charger.