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Everything We Know About Monster Hunter Rise's Magnamalo

The demo for Monster Hunter Rise dropped in January 2021, and while it's just a taste of what's to come, it has already provided some awesome additions to the mythology of the Monster Hunter series. Over the course of the demo's decent run time, fans have already discovered that one of the more difficult creatures to overcome is the ferocious Magnamalo. 


Capcom has already described the hulking Magnamalo as "the flagship monster of this game," and it's easy to see why. With its massive, scaly body and horrifying tusk-like teeth, Magnamalo is designed to be the last thing that many Monster Hunters are likely to see.

While the beast is still a newer entry into the pantheon of Monster Hunter foes, there's still a good bit of information you might want to know about Magnamalo — aside from the fact that it's so powerful, it made Snoop Dogg rage quit (warning: strong language). So grab your palamutes and prepare yourself to do battle with the fearsome Magnamalo.

Magnamalo is no joke

Magnamalo is a massive purple wyvern that feasts on other monsters to grow in power. It expels this excess energy in the form of "Hellfire," which adds an extra element of danger to any encounter with the player. According to Capcom, "its hide is as tough as armor, as if it were the physical manifestation of the grudges of fallen warriors." In other words, Magnamalo is as hardcore as they come in the Monster Hunter world. 


As pointed out by Game Rant, one of the biggest obstacles to taking down Magnamalo is the fact that players cannot take their time in the battle. Having the opportunity to anticipate Magnamalo's attacks and slowly chip away at its health would presumably be the way to go, but players are only given 15 minutes to conquer the fiery monster. 

To that end, Game Rant recommends that demo players make use of as many health and stat boosting resources as possible, as well as the Wirebug that allows players to quickly cross larger distances. The final game will most likely grant access to better loadouts, but the demo's limited gear options make the fight with Magnamalo one for the books.