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How Long Is The Monster Hunter Rise Demo And Will Progress Transfer To The Full Game?

With the release of Monster Hunter Rise arriving on March 26, players might want to brush up on their Monster Hunter lore, or spend some time training their eyes to read tiny text in order to fully enjoy the new game. Luckily, there's a demo for Monster Hunter aficionados that can help acquaint them with the new game's controls and abilities.


The demo features several tutorials, as well as training missions for new hunters. Monster Hunter Rise boasts plenty new features, like the ability to ride monsters and the Wirebug, a tool that allows players to zip across the landscape easily, so gamers are going to want to get some practice in before the full game drops. 

All of the new tools won't be available in the demo, of course, but fans can at least get a taste of Monster Hunter Rise while they wait. Monster Hunter devotees love the statistics of the games, so those playing the demo might have some questions about how long it will take to complete, or whether all their hard work will transfer to the full game after release. Luckily, fans now have answers to these important questions.


How long is the Monster Hunter Rise demo?

The official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter account (translated by Nintendo Life) shared players' average times for the first two missions of the demo. The beginner quest, or the hunt for the Great Izuchi, took players around 11 minutes and 16 seconds to complete. The intermediate quest, where players track Mitzutsune, averaged 21 minutes and 57 seconds. The Magnamalo quest, which was added in the second version of the demo, has a 15 minute time limit for completion, which might not offer enough wiggle room for solo players to defeat the giant monster.


However, just because there are time limits on some of the Monster Hunter Rise demo's features, replayability is key. One streamer spent approximately four hours on the demo, and that was before the Magnamalo quest was added. The demo only allows players to work through the quests a combined number of 30 times before disallowing any further play, regardless of how much time has been put in. However, IGN recently shared a way around that limit, to the delight of many fans.

Will progress from the Monster Hunter Rise demo transfer to the full game?

Sadly, the official Monster Hunter Rise site explains in the fine print that players will not be able to transfer data from the demo to the full version of the game.

However, if Monster Hunter Rise detects data from the free demo, players will receive a pack of goodies, including 20 Mega Potions, 5 Pitfall Traps, 10 Energy Drinks, 5 Mega Demondrugs, and 5 Mega Armorskins. If players delete the Monster Hunter Rise demo before snagging the full game, they will not be able to claim their reward pack. 


While the demo is currently only available for the Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise won't be a Switch exclusive after all. Players can expect to join in on all the creature-battling action on PC, as well. The Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise will release March 26, 2021, while the PC version is set to appear in early 2022.