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Small Details You Missed In It Takes Two

It Takes Two, a new co-op game from Josef Fares and Hazelight Studios, is now out in the world and available to buy. The critics have played it and weighed in with their thoughts on the release. Gamers have nailed down exactly how long it'll take to beat. Now the real fun begins as players dig a bit deeper and try to find all of It Takes Two's secrets.


There are undoubtedly a handful of hidden areas and Easter eggs to be found in the game. Those will likely be discovered and documented across the web as more players get their hands on Hazelight's latest. In the meantime, a few things have been uncovered by those who've taken the title through its paces and were willing to share their knowledge with the world. Here are the small details and secrets you may have missed in It Takes Two.

The Legend of Zelda gets a nod

It's not unusual to find artists referencing one another in their works, essentially giving props to other creators who inspire them. Sometimes that takes the form of a shout-out in a song. In other forms of media, like in games, you might see something in the world that is a clear tribute to another property. One such acknowledgement appears in It Takes Two, which pays homage to the king of all adventure franchises: The Legend of Zelda.


As Game Rant found while hunting down the "Force Triangulated" achievement, there's a secret area in the "cuckoo clock" stage that'll serve up fond memories for Zelda fans. While taking a paddleboat through a particular part of the level, players can hop out and enter a building with a bench out front. Inside, they'll find a room full of green rupees and jars. You'll almost wish you had a sword handy so you could break all the jars to pieces.

Josef Fares echoes through the universe

All sorts of untold oddities could be sitting out past the stars. In a bit of It Takes Two discovered by IGN, however, it seems there's some audio bouncing around the cosmos that'll sound awfully familiar to anyone who might've tuned in to The Game Awards back in 2017.


In one section of It Takes Two, you can take control of and manipulate a satellite dish in order to pick up a signal from space. If you point the dish in a certain direction, you'll pick up the famous "f— the Oscars" line from the game's director, Josef Fares. The inclusion of this Easter egg is at least a sign that Fares has a sense of humor about how that whole situation unfolded. He's never really lived down his Game Awards rant, and in the world of It Takes Two, it appears his words are destined to be heard throughout all of time.

A Way Out finds a way in

It Takes Two isn't the first co-op rodeo for Josef Fares. He was the mind behind the critically acclaimed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. He and his studio, Hazelight, followed that game up with yet another co-op adventure in A Way Out. It seems Fares and Hazelight hold A Way Out rather close to their hearts, as evidenced by an Easter egg Game Rant discovered while playing through It Takes Two.


In the "pillow fort" portion of the game, there's a secret area that can be accessed by following a power cord up a series of pillows and making a few jumps. The hidden space contains plastic action figures of the leads from A Way Out — Leo and Vincent. According to Game Rant, players can "jump and pound the button" found by each action figure. This will start a sequence between the two characters that, fortunately for you, will not be spoiled here.