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Corpse Husband Almost Had A Different Look

Streamer, musician, and internet heartthrob Corpse Husband continues to take the streaming world by storm. His fans want to unearth every small detail about him, but they haven't been able to suss out the meaning of his avatar's mask just yet, or how he arrived at his current look. It may surprise fans to know that Corpse never intended to keep his current look, but he feels that it's too late to change it now.


Corpse Husband is just one of many faceless streamers who have risen to fame and intrigued the internet in recent years. While many streamers have chosen not to show their faces, they all have different reasons for doing so. For Corpse's part, his struggles with anxiety have prevented him from going public. A face reveal could open some doors for Corpse in the future, but it would have consequences as well. For now, Corpse Husband chooses to remain anonymous.

Even though Corpse doesn't want to reveal his face to his fans, he has several avatars that he uses to represent himself to his audience. Perhaps his most famous avatar features a rabbit-like mask. Recently, Corpse revealed the true meaning behind the avatar, surprising some fans in the process.


The story behind Corpse's look

In a Q&A session with fans, Corpse revealed that "there's no specific meaning to any of my stuff, or like, my name or anything. It was all kind of thrown together when I created my channel." Corpse said, "My channel kind of blew up too fast. I wanted to change everything. This was like a template of what I wanted." Corpse's seemingly sudden success locked him into his current look. "It just kind of stuck, I guess," Corpse explained.


Corpse's look might not have been what he wanted long-term, but it does have significance. "It's heavily inspired by the thing, uh, Frank from Donnie Darko," Corpse said. "And like the other half is supposed to be me, like what I look like in real life." Of course, Corpse isn't going to reveal his actual face to fans just yet, so the avatar features some slight changes from his actual appearance.

These days, Corpse's avatar is iconic, immediately recognizable to fans all across the world. While he could choose to alter it in the future, he's developed his reputation on creepy cool imagery, and he might not want to shake that up now.