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You Might Rage Quit The Next PlayStation Movie

Video game movies don't have a great track record, and some of them are downright awful. Now, one of the most rage quit-inducing games ever made might be coming to a theater near you. Will this film inspire the same level of frustration?

Entertainment site Giant Freakin Robot reported that an anonymous but trusted source has revealed that Sony is developing Demon's Souls into a full blown feature film. Sony hasn't officially announced that it plans to adapt Demon's Souls yet, but that doesn't mean that someone at Sony hasn't been planning the project behind the scenes.

Right now, all fans have to go on are questions. Giant Freakin Robot wondered "if this film project is going to be directly pulling from the lore of Demon's Souls as opposed to anything from Dark Souls. Or, is the Demon's Souls name going to be used but the film will adapt material from both games?" If the first film proves successful, there's a high likelihood that other movies might follow, especially considering the popularity of the Dark Souls franchise, which sprang from the similarly-named Demon's Souls

As Giant Freakin Robot touched on, Dark Souls and Demon's Souls have notoriously dense mythologies that might be difficult to portray well on screen. It's unclear whether this film will attempt to unravel the lore of the Souls franchise or simply set a story in a world similar to the one established in the games. Considering that Demon's Souls follows an unnamed hero as they journey to eradicate evil from the world, some amount of plot might need to be written specifically for the movie.

Elements of Demon's Souls plot do have classically popular themes. After all, a king mad with power and a lone warrior trying to set things right might be a storyline from something like Game of Thrones. It's easy to see how a Demon's Souls film could work, but only time will tell how the project actually pans out. Many video game films have languished in development hell, only to never get made.

Demon's Souls might provide Sony Pictures with something to work on after it wraps up another big video game film project, Uncharted. Uncharted, along with several other films, was delayed until the end of 2021. Here's hoping Sony doesn't rage quit the project before it's finished, and that fans get to see a Demon's Souls movie in the future.