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The Untold Truth Of Twitch's Most Subbed Streamer, Ludwig Ahgren

On March 22, 2021, Ludwig Ahgren became the most subscribed Twitch streamer with over 100,000 active subscribers. He's not only at the top — he's almost doubled the number of subscribers of his closest competitors and has come close to Ninja's all-time subscriber record. Tweeting about the milestone, Ludwig said it was his "dream when [he] first started streaming." Before hitting this amazing subscriber number, Ludwig had only been streaming full time for a little over two years, having started in February 2019.


Ludwig is a variety streamer who is known for playing games like Super Smash Bros., Mario Party, and Pokemon. Given how quickly he blew up, a lot of fans may be looking for more information about the streamer — aside from more well-known facts, his clothing brand being added into Rust and that he's played Among Us with Lil Nas X. Here are a few facts even the most dedicated viewers might not know about Ludwig Ahgren.

Ludwig has a dual bachelor's degree

At this point, fans probably know about Ludwig's "subathon," an event where he promised to stay live until a special timer ran out. Every time a viewer subscribed to Ludwig's channel, more seconds would be added to the timer. The event lasted much longer than Ludwig anticipated, but he stuck it out — even after the livestream went on for over two weeks. That hard-working mindset has appeared in other areas of Ludwig's life as well.


Ludwig's academic career was another great example. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2017 with a dual degree in both English Literature and Journalism/Mass Communication. Not only did he major in two different programs, he also graduated cum laude, meaning he kept his GPA within 3.40 and 3.59. In order to double major, he more than likely had to have a pretty hectic class schedule. The dedication this required has definitely been redirected towards his Twitch channel, and his viewership growth arguably reflects that.

Ludwig used to do stand-up comedy in college

Ludwig isn't just funny on stream — he used to do stand-up comedy. There's a clip of him at Tempe Late Night, which is Arizona State University's program to "tackle the late night scene with improv games, sketch comedy" and more hilarious clips. He ended up at the scene after some failed attempts at fraternity life, not enjoying sailing club or robotics club, and messing up his acapella club audition. He actually detailed the entire journey on YouTube. 


He actually started his comedy journey by applying for the prestigious improv at ASU. His idea was that the experience would help him in the future as a talk show host. After feeling as though he was "wasting his time in college," doing improv was the perfect way to prepare for his future while also finding his place on campus. Ludwig was denied entry into those aforementioned groups, but ended up joining a start-up comedy club, which turned into Tempe Late Night.

Ludwig had a pretty solid Melee career before moving to commentating

Before Ludwig got into streaming Super Smash Bros. Melee on a more regular basis, he actually participated in quite a few competitive tournaments for the game. While he never saw consistent success, he never did overwhelmingly poorly either, returning time and time again for Singles and Doubles tournaments over the years. Continuing with his love for Pokemon, Ludwig typically mains as Jigglypuff, a character who is tougher than its cuddly exterior would lead you to believe.


Despite a decent Melee career, Ludwig transitioned more into commentating, which is what he's most known for now. While he's commentated alongside esports names like Slime for years, he also hosted his own tournament and commentated it. The Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series took place in 2018, and it awarded a $1,000 prize to the top player. 

While he doesn't stream much Smash anymore, he's still commentating big competitions like the Genesis tournament, alongside names like Scar, Lovage, and even Chillindude.

Ludwig's pretty good at Pokemon VGC, too

While Ludwig has transitioned into being more of a variety streamer, and has mostly only competed in Smash tournaments, he once saw success in a Pokemon Sword and Shield tournament back in 2020. As part of an initiative to bring the Smash and Pokemon communities together from Wolfey, the tournament invited eight Pokemon coaches and eight Smash players to see what they could do. 


Despite immediately getting sent to the losers bracket, Ludwig came back and ended up winning the tournament. For fans, it may not have been too big of a surprise that he won. Ludwig has streamed Pokemon from the beginning, and it has consistently popped up on his Twitch account since. What was surprising was that he was able to beat out HugS, who had actually played in several previous Pokemon tournaments.

Ludwig performed as Warner in a production of Legally Blonde

When Ludwig was in high school, he was already taking his place on stage in the form of musicals. Not just any musical, either — he performed as the character of Warner in Legally Blonde, a reproduction of a Broadway hit based on the movie. He performed with 27 other students in an elaborate production that features 36 set changes and a "musical accompaniment of a 21-piece brass orchestra." In other words, wasn't your run-of-the-mill high school play. His favorite song from the musical is the title duet, "Legally Blonde," which he revealed on Twitter in 2019.


While there's not any word about him jumping into another musical after college, he did try out for an acapella club during college. Unfortunately, he bombed the second round of auditions. The closest thing to a full-on musical production that his fans have gotten since then is his Christmas EP, which you can listen to on Spotify.