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EA Sports PGA Tour - What We Know So Far

Sometimes, there's nothing quite like stepping out on the green and spending a day on the golf course. But what if it's raining? Or your clubs are in the shop? Or you've been banned from every golf club within a 60-mile radius? Well that's where video games can come to the rescue.


Electronic Arts has some big plans for next-gen gaming, and golf is no exception. EA Sports PGA Tour is the latest golf offering from the publisher, and although Tiger Woods won't be along for the ride in this particular sports game (as he's under contract with 2K), fans are sure to be excited.

EA has made fans pretty happy by offering next-gen upgrades for several of its games. Now, a brand-new PGA Tour will be joining the lineup on the latest consoles. When can fans expect to get their hands on this title? How will it play? Can you watch a trailer? This is what you should know.

When will EA Sports PGA Tour be released?

On Monday, March 29, 2021, EA published a press release on its website announcing that the company is bringing back its golf franchise with a new EA Sports PGA Tour. The news also broke on Twitter via the official EA Sports and PGA Tour accounts.


The press release, which was also published on the PGA Tour website, states that "a launch date will be announced in the coming months." It looks like fans will have to sit back and wait for now.

As pointed out by YouTube channel Sports Gamers Online, this is the first new EA golf game since 2015. While EA is known for its yearly sports titles, the publisher may be inclined to spend a little more time refining the game for the new generation, especially since there hasn't been an entry for the series in six years. Considering that 2K snagged the rights to Tiger Woods' likeness, however, EA might want to beat 2K to market, and may not have the luxury of a lenient development schedule.

Is there a trailer for EA Sports PGA Tour?

Are you ready to see some golf swings in action? If you are anxious to take a peek at the latest EA Sports PGA Tour trailer, you'll be disappointed to know that there are no trailers yet. You may not have to wait too long, however, as the press release promises "more EA Sports PGA Tour news will be revealed in the coming weeks." Does that mean a trailer could drop by then?


It's hard to say for sure. When the last PGA Tour was announced, there was already a trailer available, so it's safe to assume the game is in the early stages of development. Fans are simply going to have to hold tight and see what's in store. In the meantime, if you visit the official EA Sports PGA Tour website, you can enter your email address to receive news and updates.

What will the gameplay be like in EA Sports PGA Tour?

Much like the trailer, gameplay footage for EA Sports PGA Tour is entirely absent from this particular announcement. So, what can be gathered from the available information?

The press release at least offers some basic gameplay details to get you started. The game will feature a career mode and several key PGA Tour events, such as the FedExCup Playoffs and THE PLAYERS Championship. The press release also promises that gamers will get to play on "many of the world's most famous courses," as well as both "play against and as some of the biggest names in professional golf."


According to this official announcement, EA Sports PGA Tour will be created using the EA Frostbite engine, which was the same toolset used to make Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. With that said, one can gather that the new game will have a familiar feel, with the welcome addition of "stunning fidelity, breathtaking immersive environments, and approachable, dynamic gameplay."

Judging from the previous entry's gameplay, it's a safe bet that the newest golf offering from EA will bring gamers even closer to a life-like virtual golf experience.