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Why Ludwig's Fridge Gave Him Fits

Twitch streamer Ludwig has fought all kinds of in-game bosses, but his viewers recently got to see him take on a real-world opponent: his refrigerator.

While the situation might seem random, it didn't appear out of thin air. Ludwig has been taking part in a non-stop Twitch subathon for weeks at this point. In the time that's passed, he's gotten closer to breaking Ninja's record for peak lifetime active subscribers. Though Ludwig still has a ways to go before taking the crown, the fact that Ninja has set his sights on goals outside of streaming could work in the rising star's favor. On March 22, Ludwig officially became Twitch's most-subbed streamer.


Throughout his non-stop streaming project, Ludwig's done everything from gaming to eating and sleeping on camera. During his March 31 stream, he got fed up with the ice bin in his freezer and basically had to fight to remove it. Like most people who run into appliance trouble, he tried everything he could think of — to no avail. From jabbing the bin with a knife sharpener to pouring a bunch of warm water into it, the situation only seemed to get worse the more he tried. In fact, that water later came pouring out onto his floor in a hilarious waterfall of failure.

When he turned to his growing subscriber base for help throughout the struggle, Ludwig received a mix of instructional tips and random suggestions for items to try, ranging from salty water to blankets to a coat hanger and more. Many encouraged him to punch, stab, or hit the freezer, which might have been good advice if he had been playing a game, but luckily, he knew better.


After almost a full hour, Ludwig was just about ready to throw in the water-soaked towel. But hope was not lost, as an unexpected hero emerged at the last minute. Fellow streamer QTCinderella saved the day by suggesting that Ludwig break up a large chunk of ice with the knife sharpener. Her secret to success? Approaching the problem from the bottom of the bin instead of the top. Boss defeated!

While Twitch is a platform with plenty of untold truths, it's no secret that gamers can continue counting on it as a place to find completely random and new content.