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How Dr Disrespect Made His Way Back To Twitch

Last summer, Dr Disrespect was mysteriously banned from Twitch, with no explanation being given to the fans. Although the Doc has since made a comfortable home for himself on YouTube, viewers have wondered if they'd ever see him on Twitch again. Now, at long last, Dr Disrespect has made his triumphant return to Twitch — sort of. Thanks to Twitch streamer Burn, the legacy of the Two Time Champion lives on as a character in the NoPixel GTA roleplaying server. 


As explained by games industry insider Rod "Slasher" Breslau, "NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP [is] an entirely community developed and maintained GTA mod," and it has been dominating Twitch. Viewers have been tuning in to see big name streamers like Sykkuno and xQc acting out their most explosive video game fantasies in the server, which is quickly gaining a lore all its own. And now, Dr Disrespect appears to be a part of that lore, as well.

In a clip shared by Esports Talk, host Jake Lucky explained that the Doc has rejoined Twitch by way of a character that looks exactly like him. In the clip, the Doc avatar can be seen hanging out in a public restroom — most likely as a direct reference to the time the real Doc streamed from a bathroom at E3 and was suspended. Much to the enjoyment of the other people on the stream, Burn also recreated some of Dr Disrespect's classic banter. As his character danced on the screen, Burn made such claims as, "I'm the Two Time, I'm the international gaming superstar."


Dr Disrespect has made a few surprise reappearances on Twitch since his permanent ban. For instance, Nadeshot and the Doc exchanged a few words during a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament back in September 2020. Even though Dr Disrespect wasn't streaming on Twitch himself, his voice could be heard through Nade's stream, and this may have led to Twitch adding new rules forbidding similar interactions in the future. 

While Twitch may not exactly be super pleased by the appearance of a Dr Disrespect-themed character being streamed on the platform, Burn and co. don't appear to be breaking any specific rules. After all, it seemed like a sure thing that Twitch would have a problem with Rogue Company's official Dr Disrespect skin, but it doesn't appear that anyone has seen any negative consequences from streaming with the skin equipped. For now, Burn's "new Doc" is probably safe.