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The Truth About Nadeshot's Risky Chat With Dr Disrespect

Ever since Dr Disrespect's mysterious ban from Twitch and return on YouTube, the Doc's streaming buddies have expressed how much they've missed having him around. TimTheTatman recently told his viewers that he'd love to be able to stream with his friend, but wasn't able to because of the Twitch ban. However, Tim and the Doc's fellow streamer Nadeshot may end up getting in trouble with Twitch for this very thing.


While streaming Vikkstar's Call of Duty: Warzone tournamentNadeshot and his partner were put up against the team of Dr Disrespect and ZLaner. Before the match started, the Doc and Nadeshot exchanged some words with one another, which is where things began to get tense for the folks watching Nade's stream.

In a clip shared by Esports Talk, Nadeshot can be seen talking to Dr Disrespect during the game. The two traded a few friendly jokes back and forth, with Doc telling other players to land on top of Nade and the two discussing the design of Nadeshot's character in-game. It's obvious that the two streamers missed playing together. The reason this is a big deal is because Dr Disrespect's ban from Twitch means that he is not supposed to be heard or seen on any other Twitch channel. Any channel or creator that allows Dr Disrespect on the platform could be subject to a warning or suspension from Twitch, including Nadeshot.


Nadeshot's chat apparently got immediately up in arms when Nade began broadcasting Dr Disrespect's audio on his channel. Several concerned viewers mentioned their fear that Nadeshot would be banned or suspended for this, which prompted a response from the streamer. He seemed to think there was no way that Twitch would go so far as to ban him, and he reminded his chat that he'd been streaming since the days when Twitch was still using the Justin.tv name.

"Man, Twitch really gonna ban me for talking to Doc in-game?" Nadeshot asked incredulously. "Aw, come on, bro. What are they gonna do? I tell you what, they ban me? I've been on here since Justin.tv. They gotta make a decision there. No respect, no respect."

Nadeshot wasn't the only person in the stream to engage in a bit of back-and-forth with Dr Disrespect. At one point, the Doc and Crimsix began a bit of a friendly wager over the number of kills they could get in the game. The Doc accidentally started to ask how many Twitch subscriptions Crimsix would gift him if he won the bet, then he seemingly remembered that he was not on the stream in any official Twitch capacity. It was briefly an awkward exchange, but the two moved away from that topic quickly.


Although Nadeshot doesn't seem to think his account is in any danger, there is reason to believe that Nadeshot and the others could see some kind of retaliation from Twitch. In discussing this incident, Jake Lucky of Esports Talk pointed out that Twitch has previously suspended streamers for this exact offense. 

However, Lucky also mentioned that Twitch seems to "play favorites" sometimes with some of its biggest performing streamers. In other words, there's a chance that Twitch may simply try to look the other way in this matter.

It's also worth noting that Nadeshot has felt confident in discussing the Doc's own ban on a few occasions. In an interview with Impaulsive, Nade said he thought there was no way that Dr Disrespect didn't know why he was banned.

Despite Nadeshot's assertions, however, Dr Disrespect maintains that he has no idea why he was banned from Twitch. Not only that, but he has seemed to be something of a different person in the days since his ban went into effect. The Doc released a somber music video in which he vaguely hinted that something important had been taken away from him. He also mentioned in a recent stream that he struggles with a constant level of anxiety over his ban. He recently told viewers that he may sometimes feel or act a little differently because of his fear of having to start all over again. He again implied that the reasons for his ban were never discussed with him, so he feels like he can't even make anything right.


Fans may never know the real reason for the Doc's ban. It's probably not going to be covered in the streamer's upcoming autobiography. However, if Nadeshot suddenly finds himself suspended in the near future, it is safe to say that fans would have a pretty good idea why.