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The Streamer Who Just Knocked Pokimane From The Top Spot On Twitch

When people think about popular female Twitch streamers, Pokimane probably comes to mind immediately. With over 7.5 million followers, she's become popular in a variety of circles. In fact, in 2020, she was at the top of popular female streamer lists. However, March 2021 saw another female streamer rise above Pokimane: Amouranth.

According to Streams Charts, Amouranth's viewership watched 1.79 million hours of her content, compared to Pokimane's 1.77 million hours watched. Those 1.79 million hours included Amouranth's ASMR streams, Just Chatting streams, a few gaming streams, and even IRL streams of her sleeping. Amouranth's channel lists that she regularly plays Valheim and Raid: Shadow Legends, but she didn't actually stream any games during March, relying instead on variety streaming. The cosplayer/streamer also shared her experiences with her horse, Spirit, which may have brought in a whole new audience that normally wouldn't be into gaming.

Amouranth's channel has steadily grown throughout the early months of 2021, but she was already in the top 10 female streamers of 2020. ComicBook.com hypothesized that her popularity is due in part to the sheer variety of things she streamed. She didn't rise to the top only playing games or streaming ASMR; she also had plenty of streams where she's talking, showing off new cosplay projects, or working out.

Amouranth did have more watched hours logged than Pokimane, but it was also arguably because of the number of hours she actually streamed. Amouranth streamed 299 hours in March alone, while Pokimane streamed 93 hours the same month. Amouranth's always maintained a grueling streaming schedule, and that didn't stop last month. While Amouranth focused on streaming as much of her life as she wanted, Pokimane generally stuck to gaming. Even Pokimane's Just Chatting streams typically have some type of gameplay in the background, or references to gaming. Despite the two different approaches to streaming, both streamers have seen great success — and great criticism.

The news of Amouranth taking over Pokimane's spot as top female streamer in March 2021 saw plenty of detractors and well-wishers weighing in on social media. In the past, Amouranth was even banned on Twtich because she was tricked into opening an inappropriate picture on Stream, another version of toxic trolls. Pokimane's no stranger to offensive messages, either, and both streamers have spoken out about the ridiculous comments they've had to endure. 

The third spot on Stream Charts' top female streamers list for March 2021 wasn't too far off from Pokimane or Amouranth. Fuslie, a gaming streamer, racked up an impressive 1.74 million hours watched between her Valorant, GTA 5, and other gaming videos.