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The Hilarious Reason Tfue Got DQ'd From A Minecraft Tournament

After Tfue ended his legal battle with FaZe clan and headed out on his own, some fans may have wondered what the future of his career would look like. Well, following a recent Minecraft tournament, his future is looking bright. Maybe a little too bright. So bright, in fact, that he was disqualified from said tournament.


During the Twitch Rivals Minecraft Mystery Games, Tfue was coming in hot. His performance was so impressive that Twitch Rivals tweeted a clip with the caption: "Team @Tfue is just tooo clutch in the Scavenger Hunt." What happened at the conclusion of that round, however, may have caused some spectators to scratch their heads.

Less than an hour later, Tfue tweeted that his team won, but were disqualified due to the excessive brightness of his game. While brightness settings may seem like a peculiar reason to eject contestants from a competition, some Twitter users are arguing the call made sense since it allegedly violated the rules.

One user explained, "If you actually see the difference it makes and the fact he was using a different program outside of Minecraft to turn the brightness up then you would understand." Another plainly stated, "if its [sic] against the rules its [sic] cheating."


Still, plenty in the community, including fellow streamers, thought it was a perplexing call. Nickmercs simply tweeted "???????????????," and TimTheTatman was just as succinct, tweeting "what." Even Esports Talk host Jake Lucky said, "this gotta be a first." While there are plenty of people on both sides of the issue, it's difficult to arrive at a clear conclusion as to whether Tfue deserved the disqualification or not. Regardless, it does appear to be one of the more bizarre rules to break.

This isn't the first time Tfue has landed in hot water with Twitch Rivals. Back in November 2020, he was forced to forfeit his prize winnings because of his actions at GlitchCon, while xQc and a few others received suspensions. Considering his track record, Twitch Rivals may be less inclined to treat this situation with leniency.

What will happen moving forward? Will Tfue continue participating in Twitch Rivals events? Will he break the rules again in the future? Did he even break the rules this time? Will Twitch Rivals allow him to keep returning to its tournaments? Will the organization consider redacting its decision?

Fans will have to hold tight and see how the situation unfolds. Maybe at the next event some of these questions will be answered. Until then, perhaps Tfue will spend some time practicing Minecraft with lower brightness settings.