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Dr Disrespect Would Play Apex Legends More, But Here's The Thing

Dr Disrespect has a bit of a history with Apex Legends. In fact, he was once thrown into a rage after dying in the game. But the fact remains that he said he was through with Apex Legends in March 2020. While he has made some brief returns, including when he decided to check out Season 8, he was still so infuriated that he had to quit playing. But does the Doc hate the game? Believe it or not, he does not actually dislike Apex Legends, and would be willing to pick it back up. However, there's one small problem.


In a recent stream, a donor asked Dr Disrespect to return to Apex Legends, and his response was, "and lose like 95 percent of my viewership?" Some may have thought that he would end it there, but as always, he had a little more to say.

After spending some time, perhaps contemplating the request, the Doc offered a little more insight regarding the reason for his decision. He placed the blame on YouTube and its lack of a "streaming community," explaining that streamers have to play "the most popular games" to stay relevant. From there, he referred to Apex as "old," and dropped a bomb some viewers may not have been expecting. He told his audience that he actually likes Apex Legends. Does this mean that there's a chance he could return to streaming it one day?


One has to wonder if his explanation means he'd be more willing to stream the game if he were on another platform. If Dr Disrespect hadn't been suspended from Twitch, maybe he would have had that community he spoke of to support a move he seems to consider too risky.

Of course, it seems unlikely that Dr Disrespect will ever be able to make a full-time return to Twitch. Then again, the Doc kind of made a return to Twitch — in the form of a GTA Online character designed to look like him.

Whatever happens, this is just another example that proves no matter how hard he may rage on a game, his true feelings could be counter to what he shows on camera. After all, he threatened to stop streaming Call of Duty: Warzone, and even banished it from his PC, only to eventually come back to the CoD battle royale. 

Fans of Dr Disrespect and Apex Legends may one day see the two reunite, but it will most likely have to be somewhere other than YouTube.