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If You Didn't Want The Last Of Us 2 On PS5 Before, You Will Now

After taking a look at a recent fan mod, you might once again get the notion you've been playing The Last of Us 2 all wrong.

A YouTube user under the name SnazzyAI wanted to see what the critically acclaimed The Last of Us 2 would look like if it were optimized for the PlayStation 5. The results were shared in a video upload, where SnazzyAI took the game's E3 demo from 2018 and ran it through the most recent "AI interpolation method." This version of the game is presented in an impressive 4K resolution and runs at 60 frames-per-second. According to the description, SnazzyAI chose this particular video because it was already rendered with "better animation and slightly higher fidelity."


The imagery is quite impressive, and some viewers appear to forget they're watching video game footage. One user expressed such a notion by stating, "This honestly looks like a movie! This HAS to happen asap!" Another said, "Its [sic] looks so real it doesnt [sic] even look like a videogame it looks like a damn movie."

In the video's description, SnazzyAI states a desire to see this treatment in The Last of Us 2 "when it gets its PS5 patch inevitably." This statement carries quite a bit of conviction. As pointed out by Hope Bellingham of GamesRadar+such a patch hasn't been officially confirmed — although fans still hold out hope

Either way, it appears as though some fans may not be able to go back after getting a taste of what a next-gen upgrade of The Last of Us 2 might look like. In the video's comments section, one user stated, "I need this. I haven't beaten this game yet & I won't continue until we get this update."


Earlier in the year, tweets from the game's developer hinted that the team may have something new in the works. Is it possible that this might have something to do with giving The Last of Us 2 the PS5 treatment? Even if it doesn't, the idea of an upgrade is not too far-fetched, as newer retail listings have hinted that the next-gen patch may be just around the corner.

For the time being, it might not be the best idea to put your playthrough on hold in anticipation of a patch, especially considering that the PS4 version of The Last of Us 2 was delayed a significant amount. If the upgrade does happen, there's no telling when. Until then, this video offers fans a nice glimpse into what the future could have in store.