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TimTheTatman Makes A Stunning Admission About Playing With Dr Disrespect

TimTheTatman has been pretty outspoken in the past regarding his desire to stream games with Dr Disrespect. Shortly after the Doc's permanent ban from Twitch, Tim told his fans that he couldn't play with the Doc, and that the decision was "out of [his] hands." At the time, it seemed that TimTheTatman was strictly referring to Twitch's rules concerning the matter. However, a recent comment from TimTheTatman seems to hint at an even greater obstacle between the two streamers.


During a recent Just Chatting session, TimTheTatman read questions from audience members as they sent in donations. One person asked him if he would ever consider playing with the Doc outside of his Twitch schedule, and the response was surprising.

The fan asked, "Have you ever considered to play with Doc without streaming? It would be banger." Without even skipping a beat, Tim responded, "I don't think I can." He then thanked the viewer for their donation, rolled his eyes, and added, "Stupid."

Fans obviously understand why Tim can't play with Dr Disrespect on Twitch. Following an instance in which the Doc chatted with Nadeshot during a Warzone tournament broadcast on Twitch, the platform updated its rules to prevent such an occurrence in the future. 


In a newer section of Twitch's Community Guidelines, the platform explains that it will have a very low tolerance for "suspension evasion" going forward. The guidelines state, "it is prohibited to use your channel to knowingly feature or advertise a suspended user." Additionally, an article regarding account enforcement and moderation on Twitch's website cautions, "If a banned user appears in a third party channel while being suspended, this could cause the ban of the channel they appear in."

In other words, it makes total sense that TimTheTatman would want to avoid having Dr Disrespect appear on his channel while he's live on Twitch. However, it's surprising to hear that he thinks he can't play with the Doc outside of streaming. Unfortunately for the fans, Tim didn't elaborate on this comment. It could be that Tim doesn't think the two streamers could fit an extracurricular gaming session into their already busy schedules. On the other hand, Tim may be concerned that teaming up with the Doc on his own time would still upset Twitch, somehow.

Along those same lines, Tim was immediately asked another question that inadvertently tied into a frustrating matter for Twitch streamers: DMCA takedowns. A viewer sent him a link to a metal song they wanted him to listen to, but Tim quickly shut it down. Seemingly annoyed by Twitch's more stringent rules regarding music copyright, Tim flat out told the listener that he couldn't listen to it while streaming.


TimTheTatman seemed to bounce back from his frustration, however. After a fan made a crack about Dr Disrespect dragging down his Warzone partner, ZLaner, Tim replied, "Hey, don't be mean to my friend, Doc. Only I can be mean to him." 

After a brief pause, TimTheTatman jokingly added, "He does suck, though. You're not wrong."