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The Real Reason Valkyrae Won't Live With Pokimane Anymore

Popular streamer Valkyrae recently announced in a livestream that she'll be moving out of the house she's shared since 2020 with fellow streamer Pokimane. However, fans of the two streamers can rest easy, because their friendship is not being affected by the change. At the beginning of her livestream on April 16, 2021, Valkyrae simply explained that she has been thinking about living by herself for a while.


"I haven't lived by myself since I worked at GameStop," she said. She also made sure that fans knew there was no drama involved in the decision, adding, "It's not a bad thing. It's kind of like a new chapter thing." Valkyrae reiterated that the decision to split up had nothing to do her relationship with Pokimane — the two are still close enough to call each other "besties."

Valkyrae also mentioned that in the future, she just wanted to be in an environment that she can have more control over, like her own home (and more specifically, her own kitchen). In other words, the end of this lease offers the streamer and businesswoman the opportunity to strike out on her own and be more independent. It could also afford Valkyrae a greater feeling of personal safety.


According to Valkyrae, the home itself has its "pros and cons," which ultimately impacted the decision to leave. Additionally, the address was leaked to "stalkers," something that made Valkyrae and the other women more than ready to "get out of [there]."

She went on to say that her roommates all have their own plans for where they're going to go. In fact, Pokimane already hinted at her plans in a livestream last month when she mentioned possibly moving back to the Offline TV house, where she lived before moving in with Valkyrae. One of the reasons why Pokimane originally left the OTV mansion was because of former member Fedmyster. However, he was kicked out after several allegations of misconduct, which means that Poki may finally feel comfortable staying there again.

Wherever she and her friends end up, Valkyrae made it clear that they'll still be near each other. She said that she plans on staying in LA, partially for her new team, 100 Thieves (of which she recently became a co-owner), and partially to stay close to all of her close friends.

After Valkyrae explained her ideas, she did clarify that nothing is confirmed just yet. Considering there is still about a month left on the lease, all of these plans are tentative. Fans will simply have to stay tuned for further developments in the superstar streamer's living situation.