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Hilarious MLB The Show 21 Glitch Turns The Catcher Into Happy Gilmore

Sony's "MLB The Show" was developed as a multi-platform title, which made history as the first time PlayStation essentially made an Xbox game. Of course, the game's launch got even wilder when Microsoft fans learned that not only would they get their hands on this Sony property, but they would receive it on day one, courtesy of Xbox Game Pass. Now that "MLB The Show 21" is out, gamers are digging in to see what this title has to offer. Unfortunately, some fans may have gotten a little less than they bargained for.


One unfortunate gamer was stuck with a dud of a catcher, but the results were quite humorous. On Reddit, a user who goes by u/ARPowers99 has posted gameplay footage that seems normal enough at first. The pitcher gets ready, with the player aiming within the pitch box. He winds up, the catcher gets into position, and then he lets the pitch fly. Then, the batter fails to swing — and the catcher does not receive the ball in his mitt, but rather with his head. The recipient's noggin bobbles slightly before the catcher turns to stare off at the offending ball. 

The whole thing feels somewhat reminiscent of a scene in "Happy Gilmore," wherein the titular character takes a series of baseballs to the face and body. Although this baseball player may not have much of a career in his sport of choice, the damage taken hints that he could have a future in hockey.


The original poster may have been less than thrilled, but it seems that this unusual moment has provided others with a good laugh. One user shared, "I legitimately laughed out loud at work." Another said, "This is hilarious. He's like eh... I'm not chasing that." Of course, not everyone has been quite so amused. One person in the thread commiserated with u/ARPowers99, sharing that they had a similar experience and lost many times due to an inattentive catcher.

This isn't the first time a game in the "MLB The Show" series has experienced an unusual graphical hiccup. "MLB The Show 17" featured a horrifying animation glitch where gamers could create their own baseball players that looked like pure nightmare fuel. At the time, the developers found out about it and decided to share the discovery with their fans. 

Fortunately, this time the glitch is more funny than scary. However, it could put a damper on your game. Perhaps when "EA Sports PGA Tour" comes out, it will be time to make like Happy Gilmore and change to a presumably less-violent sport.