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The Best Weapons You Can Have In Stardew Valley

"Stardew Valley," the farming sim that fans loved so much that it became a board game, has much more to do in it than just farming. Players can choose to spend their time in-game by fishing, fulfilling villager requests, and even mining. If you've already perfected your farm to the point where you're looking for another game, you can try collecting the biggest and best weapons in the game.


Mining is one of the biggest side hustles "Stardew Valley" has to offer, with multiple mines to get through and a combat system that spices up the task. Combat incorporates multiple types of weapons that Hypercarry has helpfully listed: a dagger, a sword, a hammer, and a slingshot. Each of these weapons play differently and have their own advantages and disadvantages. For gamers who want to build their own arsenal, "Stardew Valley" also a forging system available on PC and consoles through update 1.5

Luckily, there are some pretty decent weapons for all gameplay types. Here are the best of the best.

Infinity Dagger

With a damage output of 50-70, the Infinity Dagger is the strongest dagger in "Stardew Valley," outpacing even some of the swords you can pick up.

There are some major downsides to the dagger though. For starters, it only works when you're really close to an enemy. While some players love this, others have voiced their displeasure in Steam discussions, saying that using the dagger doesn't leave very much room for defense, especially against more difficult enemies that hit hard. However, getting some quick hits in is the preferred playstyle for a lot of people, especially when you stand to land critical hits pretty often.


As documented by App Trigger, the Infinity Dagger is made by forging a Galaxy Dagger and three Galaxy Souls. While you're working towards gathering everything you need to forge the Infinity Dagger, some other worthy contenders include the Dragontooth Shiv and the Dwarf Dagger. If you don't have the 1.5 update just yet, then Hypercarry lists the Wicked Kris or the Galaxy Dagger as strong stand-ins for the Infinity Dagger.

Infinity Gavel

If you enjoy playing with clubs, then the Infinity Gavel is the best you can get. The only downside to using clubs is the slower attack speed, but they do cover a wider area than swords or daggers. Because of that, you can generally keep enemies off of you while dishing out some major damage.


As player Elenna101 mentioned on the "Stardew Valley" forum, the best part about the Infinity Gavel is its secondary attack. After using the secondary attack, you can spam the normal attack quicker than normal, dishing out tons of damage. 

Just like the Infinity Dagger, you'll need three Galaxy Souls and the Galaxy Hammer to craft the Infinity Gavel, according to Screen Rant. If you don't have the stuff to forge the weapon, then the Dragontooth Club and the Dwarf Hammer are also good options. If you don't have the 1.5 options, Hypercarry lists the Galaxy Hammer or The Slammer as two strong alternative weapons.

Infinity Blade

Being faster than the club and dealing more damage than the dagger, swords are standard weapons that are easy to use. Additionally, the secondary attack on swords is a parry, so you can protect yourself while also dealing damage.


There aren't many disadvantages to using a sword, and it's an all-around great weapon for starters. The best one is easily the Infinity Blade. As noted by Hypercarry, the Infinity Blade dishes out massive damage, hitting numbers as high 100. This is 20 points more than the next-best sword, the Galaxy Sword.

Again, just like the other Infinity weapons, you'll need a Galaxy Sword and three Galaxy Souls to craft the Infinity Blade, according to Screen Rant. While you're gathering the necessary items, you can actually purchase a Lava Katana from the Adventurer's Guild, as Hypercarry mentions. This weapon acts as a great substitution for the super powerful Infinity Blade if you don't have update 1.5 or you're still looking for materials.


Master Slingshot

The Master Slingshot is arguably the best, most versatile weapon in "Stardew Valley." According to one Reddit user, it can dish out damage up to 200 with the right ammo, making it the most powerful weapon by far. It can even do area of effect damage if you use bombs as ammo.


However, a good number of "Stardew Valley" players prefer not to use slingshots. Top complaints from Reddit users include the controls, which are too clunky for most players to control, and the inventory space it requires (thanks to all the ammo you have to carry).

Once you get the hang of the way slingshots work in the game, however, the Master Slingshot can be a great mining tool as well as perfect for blowing through hordes of enemies. However, the best way to practice is with the regular slingshot. There are only two types of slingshots in the game, according to Hypercarry. Luckily, even if you're playing without update 1.5, you can still find both slingshots in the mines.