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Survey Reveals The Most Deserving Video Game Sequel Ever

Which video game never got a sequel, but definitely deserved one? Looper asked 516 U.S. gamers this question and found out the clear answer, at least according to nearly a full third of participants. Out of the choices — "Brütal Legend," "The Simpsons: Hit and Run," "Diddy Kong Racing," "Bully," "Donkey Kong 64," and an "Other" category — one game emerged victorious.


The winner may not come as a surprise for fans of old school platforming: "Donkey Kong 64." With 31.2% of the vote, this game clearly deserves a sequel in the eyes of the fans. After all, who doesn't love the game's iconic, adventurous ape and all his antics?

"Donkey Kong 64" is a retro classic that's clearly still popular today. Players are still learning new things about the game as recently as 2021. It makes sense that fans are hungry for a sequel, but it's safe to say that folks would probably settle for a "Donkey Kong 64" remake at this point.

Second place sequels

While "The Simpsons: Hit and Run" didn't give "Donkey Kong 64" a run for its money, 17.05% of the vote isn't too shabby. This "GTA"-like hit may not be as popular as the future-predicting TV show, but it's one of those rare TV-based games that don't suck, and it totally deserves a sequel.


Coming in third was the "Other" category, which 16.09% of participants selected. Given the options at hand, a decent segment of gamers still have their own ideas for which games deserve sequels outside of the survey choices.

Not far behind is "Diddy Kong Racing," selected by 15.12% of survey respondents. This shows a clear interest in "Donkey Kong" franchise remakes, and this retro racer is well-deserving. Meanwhile, "Bully" just earned 11.82% of the vote. Even though there are plenty of conspiracies about a sequel for this cult classic title, Rockstar currently has no plans to make one. Judging from the results of this survey, it looks like not too many people will be disappointed.

Coming in dead last is "Brütal Legend." Only 8.72% of participants chose this as their dream sequel, even though its innovative gameplay makes it still worth playing today.


While these sequels may not be in the works, now you know which ones are in people's dreams.