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Bully 2 Conspiracy Gets More 'Evidence'

Look out: there's yet another Bully 2 theory floating around the internet. And this one might actually look familiar to some, as it draws on a previous source but interprets things a little differently.


Remember that Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter egg with the Bully crest symbols and the supposed Morse code? It seems someone has gone back to that portrait and thought up some alternative ways to look at the code. It was originally believed that the Morse code spelled out the letters D-N-A-4, which led some to conclude it was a message "4 Dan," as in, "for Dan Houser" of Rockstar. However, a social media user by the name of lomeu_me pondered what the code might look like if everything were subtracted by two.

That's "2" as in Bully 2.

He moved two letters back from D and got B. He went backwards two letters from N to end up at L. He zipped back around to the end of the alphabet to go two spaces back from A, getting himself a Y. And he subtracted 2 from 4 to reach 2. Put all of those together and you have a rather interesting sequence: BLY2. It looks like the name of something, doesn't it?


Of course, this all hedges on those dots and dashes in the aforementioned painting actually being Morse code. And it assumes we're looking at them in the correct order, too. Those aren't givens, and it could just be that Bully fans are making a whole lot of something out of nothing.

The portrait itself does appear to be a reference to Bully, however, and Rockstar is known for including riddles in its titles. So it's entirely possible that there is something waiting to be solved here. Whether fans have nailed it down is another story. We might be looking at the solution right here. Or fans might have gone about this entirely wrong and the real solution is still waiting to be discovered.

We'll definitely keep an eye out for any Bully 2 news, including news on this riddle. We have a feeling more fans are going to start trying to crack the code.