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The Heartbreaking Reason Sykkuno Covers His Mouth When He Laughs

Though Sykkuno has shown his smile before, especially when surprised on a stream, he rarely shows his teeth. The streamer typically chooses to cover his mouth with a hand, sheepishly laughing to himself instead of sharing his joy with the world. Many viewers have wondered why Sykkuno felt the need to keep that part of him secret, but few know the truth.


Sykkuno's popularity is no accident. He's been diligently working to increase his streaming audience over the years. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have famous friends, either. Sykkuno is real life friends with Corpse Husband, and the two have a deep bond. Sykkuno also regularly streams with Valkyrae, Disguised Toast, and LilyPichu. 

In his streams, Sykkuno often seems shy, laughing quietly to himself and avoiding the limelight. That tactic may serve Sykkuno well in "Among Us" matches, but most streamers seem to have louder, more extroverted personalities. Of course, fans have thoughts on why Sykkuno might be shy.

Sykkuno's past experiences with bullies

While some fans have speculated that Sykkuno has a dark reason that causes him to hide his full smile, the answer is pretty simple. When Redditors began discussing Sykkuno's odd habit, one user claimed that Sykkuno covers his mouth because people picked on him for his smile when he was younger. According to this Redditor, during a now-deleted Twitch stream, Sykkuno said something to the effect of "people make fun of me in the past so it just became a habit." 


The world is full of toxic gamers, both on and offline. Streamers perhaps deal with more harassment than any other sort of online celebrity, and often have the responsibility of interacting with fans in order to keep engagement. For instance, Pokimane has shared some of the toxic messages she's received in the past, and some of them were unbelievably disrespectful. 

If this Redditor is correct, then Sykkuno's reasoning for hiding his smile could be a lesson that words matter when speaking to other people, even if they feel far away via the internet.