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The Truth About Corpse Husband And Sykkuno's Relationship

Among Us became very popular very fast, due in part to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic kept a lot of people indoors, but it also grew to be a favorite title for many popular streamers. As the world navigated unprecedented social-distancing measures, the game's social aspects helped to bring a lot of these streamers closer together in a time where physical closeness was not as feasible.


Corpse Husband has had plenty of blossoming friendships that both started and grew from his Among Us streams. He met fellow "faceless" YouTuber Dream, he's played and collaborated with Valkyrae, and has become close friends with Jacksepticeye. He's also collaborated with musical artists — Savage Ga$p has a guest verse in Corpse's 2020 viral hit "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life" and Corpse himself is featured in Machine Gun Kelly's "DAYWALKER!" which was released in 2021. While he may have grown close with several streaming personalities as well as musical performers, his personal life continues to remain mostly elusive. 

The sad truth is that Corpse Husband isn't even close with his family. But does he spend time hanging out with anyone outside of streaming? Has he met any of his content creator peers in person? It may surprise you to learn that the aforementioned streamers are not the only gamers who are close to Corpse. One of the people who seems to have gotten closest to Corpse is Twitch streamer and YouTuber Sykkuno. Here is the truth about Corpse Husband and Sykkuno's relationship.


Sykkuno met Corpse Husband in real life

This may sound like fiction to many fans, but it's true. The two streamers have actually met up in person.

It seemingly began during an Emergency Meeting in Among Us where fellow streamer TinaKitten claimed that Sykkuno became Corpse during the match. Playing on the phrase "Dinnah," which was TinaKitten's take on "DNA," Sykkuno defended himself by saying, "Corpse, I would never take your Dinnah; I would take you to dinner." Although it started as clever wordplay, it opened the door to a meetup.


On March 24, 2021, Corpse Husband shocked fans everywhere by uploading a TikTok video where his hand slowly grabs a hoodie and tosses it to none other than Sykkuno, who bursts into excited laughter after receiving the gift. 

Sykkuno later offered a few brief details to his viewers, telling them that "Corpse is super nice," and that food was indeed involved in the meet-up. The twist was that Corpse paid, even though Sykkuno originally said he'd take Corpse to dinner. Sykkuno closed his summary of the events by calling the deep-voiced YouTuber "a really good friend," and explained that he wanted to respect his friends privacy, so he didn't want to offer too many details.