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Sykkuno Wants To Undo xQc's GTA Ban

Popular Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel, also known as xQc, is known far and wide for some shady moments that have landed him in trouble. In fact, xQc was recently on thin ice after receiving the banhammer from the NoPixel "Grand Theft Auto" roleplaying server. xQc was soon allowed back in, but considering his tendency to rock the boat, it seemed like only a matter of time before he was once again ejected. Regardless of his most recent ban, it appears he might have an unlikely streamer coming to his defense.


Sykkuno, the popular "Among Us" streamer known for his friendships with Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, and others, recently shared his thoughts on "GTA" roleplay. While talking about the game, he told his viewers that he missed having xQc around, referring to him as "our dearly departed friend." Further, Sykkuno called the Canadian Twitch streamer an inspiration to those who played as criminals, admitting to viewers that he himself was led to side with the bad guys because of Lengyel. Sykkuno went as far as to claim that the banned Twitch star was vital to the more criminally-minded community members on that server.

It's interesting to hear a content creator like Sykkuno, who is kind of well-known for his wholesome personality, hold such high regard for one of the more controversial figures in the "GTA" roleplaying scene.


The two star gamers do have a bit of history playing games together. During a "Rust" match, Sykkuno was kind enough to give xQc some rare rifles, which helped xQc to even the score. In addition to partnering up to commit crimes in "GTA," they've also gone head-to-head in "Among Us." When seeing how much time they've spent playing games together, it becomes apparent that Sykkuno doesn't just miss xQc because he sees him as a staple in that community; it appears as though the two are unlikely friends.

There's still a chance that xQc will be unbanned from the NoPixel server. However, according to fan account @xQcOWUpdates, it is unlikely that the streamer will actually want to return to the server, even if the ban is lifted. Users on Twitter are generally disappointed about this news, which seems to spell an uncertain future for Sykkuno and xQc's "GTA" partnership. 

Sykkuno may not be able to enjoy the server in the same way he did before. In that case, he'll have to carry on in xQc's honor, being the best virtual criminal he can possibly be.