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Corpse Husband May Be Stepping Back From Streaming

Even if you've never seen his face, you've probably heard Corpse Husband's signature deep voice. The creepypasta narrator-turned-musician and "Among Us" streamer has experienced a meteoric rise to fame over the course of the last year, amassing tons of new fans and even teaming up with Machine Gun Kelly on their song, "Daywalker!" That said, the notoriously private faceless streamer might just be stepping back from creating content. The real question is: for how long?


As reported by Dexerto, the streamer dropped a bombshell during an April 16th "Among Us" stream — a bombshell that has seemingly only recently been noticed. At the tail end of the stream — following one last game with the likes of Sykkuno, DisguisedToast, and GeorgeNotFound — Corpse Husband revealed that he might temporarily be stepping away from streaming. It apparently wasn't a lie, either, as he has yet to reappear as of the time of writing.

"I don't know if I'm going to have any videos or streams soon," the YouTuber explained, adding, "This might be one of the last ones for a while."

Although Corpse recognized that platforms such as YouTube and Instagram "value consistency" from content creators, he admitted that he prefers working on "new things" and "big projects," rather than sticking to one thing for a long period of time. What those projects might turn out to be — whether it's new music, a return to reading scary stories, or something new altogether — remains to be seen.


Corpse also claimed that he's been contemplating the direction he wants his career to go in, saying, "There's a lot to think about with the whole faceless, anonymous stuff." He went on to lament that he "can't leave [his] house [and] can't go to any kind of event" due in part to his newfound notoriety.

Explaining that he wanted to give his fans a glimpse into his honest thoughts rather than seeking pity, the anonymous YouTuber explained that he feels as though he's "always been pretty open," adding, "I always want to have that openness with you guys."

That's not an exaggeration, either. In fact, Corpse Husband has become known for his willingness to open up to his fans. The streamer has frequently discussed the details of his struggles with mental health, his desire for privacy, and the hardships that have come with his newfound fame.

Whether or not Corpse Husband maintains his online presence, one thing's for certain: his fans will likely stick by him. The streamer seems extremely grateful to his supporters, and has credited his fans with saving his life on at least one occasion.