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Corpse Husband Spotted In The GTA RP Server

NoPixel's "GTA" roleplay server has become a hot spot of streamer activity. The likes of DisguisedToast, Sykkuno, and the constantly-banned xQc have logged into the server to play a digital game of cops and robbers and craft their own "Grand Theft Auto" stories, and fans have enjoyed watching it happen. Viewers got a real treat recently, when none other than Corpse Husband popped up during one of Sykkuno's "GTA" streams.

Corpse Husband surprised fans last month when he announced that he was planning to step away from streaming for a while. Although the faceless streamer didn't offer any details of how long the break may be, he did express his interest in pursuing other projects for a while, away from YouTube and his streaming audience. It's been a few weeks since Corpse Husband has streamed, so his fans were probably just as happy as Sykkuno was when his friend randomly appeared in "GTA Online."

In a clip from Sykkuno's stream, he can be seen meeting up with DisguisedToast and another character riding a bicycle. Sykkuno clearly mistook Corpse's character (the one on the bike) for another player, as Sykkuno ran up to the pair and referred to Corpse's character as "Cookie." However, the voice that greeted Sykkuno was the unmistakable deep rumble of Corpse Husband. 

What happened when Sykkuno met "Crops"

After immediately cracking up and realizing who he had just found, Sykkuno got back in character and asked the other player to identify himself. "Oh, your memory is just as bad as mine," said Corpse Husband. He then identified his character as "Crops," a humorous play on his own online handle.

Corpse Husband was clearly enjoying himself, as he continued adding onto the lore of the characters playing with him. He went off on a tangent about a cat he used to own, which got even more laughs out of Sykkuno. After a bit of back and forth, the trio set off to cause some more trouble in the NoPixel server.

This in-game meeting has been in the works for a while now. Just last week, fans tipped Sykkuno off to the fact that Corpse Husband was interested in trying out "GTA" roleplay, but Sykkuno was still clearly surprised to bump into the masked streamer like this.

Although Corpse Husband has stepped back from streaming regularly on his own channel, fans are happy to see that he is still out there and gaming with his friends. Within hours of the fateful meeting with Sykkuno and the gang, fans on social media have wished Corpse the best and have even created fan art based on the crooked "Crops."