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Target Cracks Down On Pokemon Scalpers

Scalpers have been a major problem in the next-gen console market, and unfortunately, it looks like the "Pokémon" trading card scene is not safe from these kinds of re-sellers either. The good news is that new measures are being taken to keep them in check.

Over on Reddit, a user by the name of u/OptimalWeakness uncovered a new policy from Target that could offer a ray of hope to disillusioned Pokémon card collectors. According to the new guideline, which went into effect on April 30, customers may only purchase a single pack of trading cards per product line a day. Shoppers are no longer permitted to camp out overnight, and if they are found to be in violation of this rule, they may be subject to police intervention.

A user in the comments shared some of the difficulties fans have faced while trying to enjoy their hobby: "I'm at a point where I'd be happy to see single boosters. My local Target hasn't had any packs at all and I have a job so I can never be there Friday 8am. Would be nice if they had enough to last more than an hour."

Pokemon cards have been blowing up

What's with the sudden card shortage? While there have always been hidden gem "Pokémon" cards worth more than anyone would have guessed, the franchise is now celebrating 25 years of memories, which has really inspired the collector's market. It didn't take long for McDonald's to hop onto the trading card train as well, and with all the hype in the market, fans are struggling to find packs.

Target has measures against scalpers before. At the end of March, a YouTube video revealed that Targets were limiting "Pokémon" card purchases to "Fridays at 8am on a first-come, first-serve basis." This must not have been enough to keep scalpers at bay, since the company had to update its policy further, reducing the limit from three packs to one pack per day. Will this newest policy change be the final nail in the coffin for card scalpers?

Over in the UK, PS5 and Xbox scalpers were put on notice after a new bill was proposed to crack down on this problematic reselling practice. While it may not necessarily come to that in the states, retailers could step in to curb the scalping problem. If more companies follow Target's lead, it might become far more difficult for scalpers to put a stranglehold on the market. For now, consumers will have to see if Target's policy will help slow down the card shortage.